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August 24, 2016


This Wednesday Word No. 80, courtesy of Live Life Happy, could be applied to a romantic relationship; however, I’m reading into it on a friendship level. There are people who come into you life and they become so engrained into the fabric of your being it’s like you can’t even picture your life before they became a part of it. Those are the types of friendships that stand the test of time and last a lifetime. I’m grateful to have a decent number of those people in my circle, but I immediately thought of one in particular when I came across this quote. In fact, one of my best friends, Sierra, who I hung out with in Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, two weekends ago comes to mind. I recall the first time we met, one wild night in the Deutsch residence halls at UC Berkeley circa 2003 while I was visiting my bestie, Yvette. We’ve been tight ever since. I have a suspicion that God knew I’d need someone as witty and caring and adventurous and optimistic as Sierra to walk with me on my life’s journey when He created the both of us. She’s even tattooed on me (she’s the “S” in my one and only “SAY Love tattoo — “Ashley” and “Yvette” being the “A” and the “Y”). When I think about our friendship, it makes my heart — and soul — smile. Love you, Goods!

Do you have people like this in your life? If so, be sure to let them know you love and appreciate them.

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