Wednesday Word

June 29, 2016


Change is inevitable. Change can shake things up for the better or worse. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of change at my workplace. I’ll be celebrating a year at my current job in about a month, and since then, six colleagues in my department have left — two within my first couple of weeks on staff. We have no director, a.k.a. no leadership, and I just found out that I’m being forced to work out of a different building. Clearly, these are first-world problems (the situation could be far more dire), but annoying nonetheless. Before I start getting bogged down by the minutia, as I so often do when presented with a new something-or-other, I was reminded to see these changes through rose-colored lenses. This Wednesday Word No. 73, spoken by British philosopher, writer and speaker Alan Watts and presented courtesy of Pinterest, gives you and I permission to run headlong into whatever situation or thing is changing and embrace it. Get in there! The sooner you confront it, the sooner you’ll learn to be at peace with it. After the initial shock wore off, I began to see the silver lining. I get an all-new space to decorate and make my own. And there’s a certain newfound freedom that comes with leaving behind that bad mojo of the old space. So here’s to new beginnings, y’all!

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