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March 2, 2016


This Wednesday Word No. 57, courtesy of, captures my state of mind at the moment. You can have visions and plans and goals and dreams, but they’re immediately voided if you don’t believe that your can actually achieve whatever it is you’re chasing after. Well, as you may know, the thing that has set my soul on fire is my pursuit of completing the book that I’ve been meaning to write (read: neglected and procrastinated for the past few years). I know that I will see that finished product, and I know that it will touch the lives of those who read it. The first step I took to make my dream a reality was to host a reading of what I’ve been working on. Accountability is so real, guys! On Leap Day, this past Monday, Feb. 29, I took a huge leap of faith and hosted a Reading and Well-Wishing Party at 4th Street Vine, and invited friends and family to come out to hear an excerpt of my forthcoming book. I know it’s far from being done, but I believed I could, so I did. And I will finish this work. It was awesome to see my loved ones in the room supporting me, as well as family and friends — and even a stranger or two — from near and far watching me read live via the Periscope app (Shameless plug: Follow me there — username is “ashleyadores”). The purpose of this Wednesday Word was not to brag about my party, rather it was to show you an example of how your wildest dreams can come true, so long as you believe in yourself. Don’t stress about the process and what it looks like; definitely keep going in spite of minor setbacks. Just know in your heart that you will win in the end, and it’s as good as done. You’re unstoppable!

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