Wednesday Word

February 24, 2016


So you say you want to elevate, reach a new level, attain the reward and arrive at the next big thing. Well, my friends, the dream is free — the hustle is sold separately. I have to keep in mind that the thing I’m chasing after costs a lot, and the only way to reach my goal is to grind harder than ever before, like my life depends on it. Writing a book that bares your soul, the exposes your innermost thoughts, to the world isn’t something that most people do for fun. The purpose for my writing a memoir is to hopefully empower and encourage anyone who reads it. As I reflect back on the defining moments of my life, some messy, painful, unpleasant things have resurfaced. Things that I’d rather keep buried. But I know if I complete this huge assignment from God, the payoff will be great. How that will manifest I don’t know (I have an inkling that lots of internal, positive change will occur), but I trust that all my hard work will not be in vain. This Wednesday Word No. 56, courtesy of We Heart It, is an on-time reminder that anything worth having is worth fighting for. My hope for you is that you keep pursuing that thing that keeps you up at night with all that you have.

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