Wednesday Word

February 17, 2016


It’s getting realer with every passing day. It’s right around the corner and yet so far away. I’m taking a big leap of faith this Leap Day by hosting a Reading and Well-Wishing Party to hold myself accountable for the book I’ve been writing in my head for years. I’ve decided that this will be the year that I actually do the work and finish it. And I know that I will, with God’s help. It’s super daunting, but there’s no turning back now. As I’m thwarting the freak-out that wants to rise up in me, I was reminded of a Bible verse that has helped strengthen me many a time. Matthew 17:20 is one of those familiar passages that has been a steady source of confidence, refuge and hope. I believe I can move mountains and I know that I will. And you can have that same certainty, too. Better yet, if you have the teeny tiniest ounce of belief — yes, even as minuscule as the size of a mustard seed — your wildest dreams can and will come true. This kernel of faith — the thing that tells me I have something to say, and that someone out there in the world needs to hear it — is all that I need to continue moving forward with writing my book. May this Wednesday Word No. 54, by Painted Verses via Society6, remind you that, through God, you can do all things. Nothing is impossible!

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