Wednesday Word

January 20, 2016


I’ve seen this quote attributed to many a scholar and even to greats like Albert Einstein and Mark Twain. This particular quote acknowledges motivational Speaker Tony Robbins as the originator, but no matter who it came from, these words speak truth. This Wednesday Word No. 50, courtesy of Live My Business, is a reminder that to get to where you wanna go, you have to take the road less traveled and break out of habits that lead to dead ends. Aren’t you tired of falling into the same pattern? Make a goal at the start of the new year, work at it for five or six weeks, gradually get lax about keeping the promise, vow to pick up the pace in June now that six months has passed, give up hope sometime around September and vow to do better next year. I don’t know if any of you can relate, but that’s so me. However, there’s something in me that tells me, it’s now or never. Yes, I set goals for myself on Jan. 1, but now it’s back to the drawing board to figure out how I can realistically make those dreams a reality. No more setting myself up for failure. May this Wednesday Word be that boost of encouragement that you need to venture out into the unknown by trying a different approach to realizing your goals. I’m crazy enough to believe that you and I can do it!

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