Wednesday Word

October 28, 2015


I have a confession to make, friends. I’ve been working on a few things I don’t like about myself, as of late. One of them is the desire to get even when I feel I’ve been wronged. It rears its hideous head at random times, but more often than not it makes a bold appearance on the 405 Freeway. Road rage much? Yes. You cut me off, and you’ve got more of the same coming right back at ya. Tit. For. Tat. Not proud of it — just keeping it one hundo. So when I saw this image, courtesy of LovelyDayFleur‘s Etsy shop, it was right on time. May this Wednesday Word No. 38 remind you to never let the essence of who you are become tainted by the actions of another person or adverse situation. I know, they deserve to get a piece of what they dealt to you. I know, revenge would make you feel better. But what better revenge is there than to show that person that you’re going to keep on shining regardless, and that they’re a non-factor? It reminds me of the concept of killing someone with kindness. Don’t let yourself stoop to an ungodly level because another person decides to be ugly toward you. Not today! Let your sweet fragrance be answer enough.

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