Wednesday Word

April 24, 2019
wednesday word
Image courtesy of FTD by Design

This Wednesday Word No. 111, discovered on FTD by Design, is an on-time reminder to give your loved ones their flowers, like the roses pictured in this image, while they’re still here to enjoy them. I wish I had a few more snuggles and walks with my beautiful, loving 13-year-old fur baby, Berkeley Buster DeVoe. I had to say goodbye to him earlier this month on April 7. I keep thinking of all the good memories to get me through, and the more I reflect on his life, the more I see how much he has truly become a part of me. That little rapscallion came into my life during my last year of college and has basically been with me throughout my entire adult existence. He has helped me become the woman that I am today, so I know that without a doubt, Berkeley lives on through me. I find solace in the fact that even though there’s a Berkeley-sized hole in my heart, time will heal the wounds.

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