Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping at Treasure Hunt, Long Beach

February 11, 2016

The Treasure Hunt always has great finds … little treasures, if you will. My last trip there was par for the course. I told myself I wasn’t there to shop for myself, rather to search for presents for my bestie. While perusing the housewares section, a shimmery gold jewel caught my eye in the form of these fireplace tools. Look! They’re ducks. I, of course, have no need for them, as I don’t have a fireplace, but they’re pretty darn cute.

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Oh, Bob! You big lug. Or at least that’s what I imagine Mr. Bob F to be in my head. So many questions: What does the “F” stand for? Franklin? Frederick? Ferragamo? What’s the highest he’s ever bowled? Did he belong to a league? Does he have engraved shoes and gloves that match? Now that I think of it, Bob must be a diehard, ’cause it’s rare that folks get their names etched into a bowling ball. This ball was super heavy, but it really was the bag that caught my eye. The cerulean blue bag is dreamy and, with a little touch of TLC, would make for a great weekender bag. Not a bad deal at $15!

I love that whoever painted this decided to pay tribute to the beloved tequila brand, Patrón. The spelling-and-grammar snob in me found it hard to pardon the misspelling of “tequila,” but I am here for the vibrant use of colors. This would be great to hang in a kitchen or over a bar cart.

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