Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping Down Retro Row, Long Beach — Owls Edition 

April 7, 2016

Owls are the bee’s knees, my friends! There’s something so regal and stately and inquisitive about these predatory birds that draws me to them. Oh, and any species that devours rodents (they’re THE absolute worst) is a friend of mine! The past couple of strolls down Retro Row in Long Beach have provided plenty of owl eye candy, so this Thrifted Thursday is devoted to those majestic birds. Click through the slideshow to see them all! From cups, to piggy banks, to jars, to paintings of all varieties, there were owls just about everywhere I looked. Fun fact: My colleague has the same blue owl print hanging in her office. So I was delighted to see that her owl has a companion (the one looking like it’s hugging itself). Hopefully the pair will be reunited soon. One of the store clerks from Retroda: Past & Present informed me that the artist (whose name escapes me) also has some pretty cool sculptures that look remarkably different from his paintings. That’s what I love about shopping local. You get to meet your neighbors and learn random facts. It’s awesome. There’s lots to see and explore down on Retro Row. Don’t miss out!

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