Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping at Salvation Army, Long Beach

August 13, 2015

I wasn’t in a spending mood after donating, so window shopping at Salvation Army is how I spent one recent Saturday morning. The first thing that stopped me in my tracks was this glamorous beaded, cobalt blue gown. So regal, so elegant, so fancy. I had plans for this gown … until I saw the $80 price tag. So I left it right there for the next would-be buyer. A small piece of me is holding out hope that it’s still there when Salvation Army’s 40-percent-off sale is going on, at which point I’m gonna snatch it up without flinching. See more great finds after the jump!

I’m a fan of finely crafted woodwork, and this mid-century piece caught my eye while perusing the furniture section. If I had space in my apartment for it, this dresser would be mine!

Never underestimate the creativity that comes from a nice thrifted tie. When I see these colorful patterns, I envision headbands, purse straps, T-shirt embellishments and more.

With the right outfit, I could make these vintage hats work. I could go full-on “Classic Man” with a nice tailored suit and some super clean oxfords! Watch out now!

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