Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping Along Retro Row, Long Beach

August 7, 2014

There’s no shortage of design inspiration and vintage envy on Retro Row (Fourth Street) in Long Beach. I recently stopped by the AIDS Assistance Thrift Store and the Feed Store, and saw some pretty rare items.


I don’t hesitate to check out the art at thrift shops. The AIDS Assistance Thrift Store is known for its annual spring art sale, and apparently had some great pieces still available.


Well, what do we have here? Yes, that would be a mirror etched with the Bee Gees’ likenesses! The “Legal Size” and arrows are a reflection from the box it’s placed inside. It was hard to use restraint (I told myself I was only there to look for stuff for my mom), but I did. On the off chance that it’s still there, it’s mine!

Keep reading to see what else struck my fancy that day.


The Feed Store has no shortage of nifty treasures. For instance, this retro Mickey Mouse tennis racket was tucked away on a table in the back of the shop.


I also love this thrift shop for its displays and merchandising. The luggage and trunk — I’m here for all of it.


This iconic image is a hallmark of the American recording business’ history. His Master’s Voice once was the name of a major record label. Nipper the dog and the gramophone would have fit nicely in my apartment but it was too rich for my blood (I think it was $60). Another good one that got away!

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