Thrifted Thursday: Vintage Painting from Treasure Hunt Thrift Shop, Long Beach

April 23, 2015


This Thursday I’m switching it up! On a recent thrift jaunt, this beauty caught my eye. It was inconspicuously tucked in the back of the store in what appeared to be the intake section. On second thought, I may not have even supposed to be behind the curtain! Welp, it’s mine now. See more after the jump!


This painting of a tattered pair of sneakers ($11.50) spoke to me upon first sight. It reminds me of So Cal summers spent playing outside until the street lights came on. It makes me think of my brothers skateboarding for hours on end till they finally landed that trick. For some strange reason, it makes me think of lunchboxes and PB&Js with the crust cut off. This endearing painting by Durand (of whom little is known about, at least via Google) will fit right at home in my apartment. I’m looking forward to finding more paintings to hang gallery style on my living room wall. Design improvements are on the way, folks!

Grand total: $12.56

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