Thrifted Thursday: Retro Skirt and Sweater, and Framed Gauges from Treasure Chest, Long Beach

January 26, 2017


This Thrifted Thursday features the most darling retro pieces you’ve ever seen from Treasure Hunt in Long Beach, and one unique piece that I’ve repurposed into wall art. See them in all their glory after the jump!


Something about this retro plaid midi skirt ($3.50) made me think of simpler times, when bashful girls asked their schoolboy crushes to Sadie Hawkins dances and respectful young gentlemen asked to carry the books of the young ladies they were “going steady” with. Though cardigans, bobby socks and saddle shoes might go hand in hand for this look that screams 1950s American Midwest, I personally would go a little more edgy by pairing this skirt, which is high-waisted and falls mid-torso, with a pastel-colored crop top.


Now, call me crazy, but I love a one-of-a-kind piece with a story — even if it bears the name of a complete stranger. That’s part of the intrigue, right? M.L. Spangler must’ve been a standup guy or gal because the Firestone Supervision Club bestowed him or her with this awesome plaque of framed gauges ($3). They include a thermometer, barometer and a humidity reader, and they work. This wooden gem with specks of gold will fit nicely on the gallery wall of my apartment’s staircase.


I’m a sucker for a nice sequined ensemble. This black-and-silver sequined sweater ($2.50) was quite a steal for less than three buckaroos. Sequins may be synonymous with New Year’s Eve for some people, but I like to wear them all year long. I’ll gladly throw this sweater on for a night out on the town with some friends or even a karaoke session, if I’m feeling extra glitzy. Hey, Maxxine (my karaoke alter ego) loves to put on a show.


Grand total: $9.00

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