Thrifted Thursday: Finds From My First Time at La Bomba’s “The Pile,” Long Beach — Part I

March 24, 2016

This Thrifted Thursday, I highlight some of the great finds I made off with while out thrifting down Retro Row in my city. A few gal pals and I stopped in to La Bomba on a random Saturday and were curious about the commotion happening on the shop’s back ratio. We weren’t ready for what awaited us. Picture this: A ginormous pile of clothes (sweaters, dresses, pants, button-downs, costumes, leather jackets — you name it) stacked to the sky. OK, it wasn’t too crazy. Probably six feet high. But still. It was a sight to behold. So many questions came to mind, but the best thing for us to do was to stop overthinking it, and jump right in. Literally. So we did! We were delighted to discover that most everything in the pile was $5; coats were $10. Not too shabby.

Continue reading to see what else I snatched up that fateful day!

So this fun, art deco-inspired sweater ($5) pictured above immediately caught my eye because of the shapes. I’ve been on a black-and-white kick lately, a la my favorite style icon Janelle Monaé, and I couldn’t pass it up. It fits a little baggy, but that’s quite all right because I’ve paired it with black leggings and skinny jeans and gotten rave reviews!

One-of-a-kind knit sweaters are kinda my jam. How dope is this cream, red and black pullover ($5)? I like it because it reminded me of a deck of cards. You know, the king/queen/jack face cards? Peep the crown in the middle. But a friend pointed out that the sweater could actually depict sea life (check the fish and octopi at the bottom of the thing). Either way, I’m here for all of it.

Now this oversized wool damask-print cardigan ($5) may look familiar for those who tuned in to my Reading and Well-Wishing Party on Leap Day. It’s the perfect layering piece and just exudes elegance and style. Also it looks like a Rorschach test, so there’s that.

Grand total: $16.13

Check back next week to see Part II of my Finds From My First Time at La Bomba’s “The Pile”!

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