Thrifted Thursday: Finds From My First Time at La Bomba’s “The Pile,” Long Beach — Part II

March 31, 2016

The saga continues in this Thrifted Thursday! As promised, I present to you the rest of the rarities I acquired during my first encounter with “The Pile” at La Bomba on Retro Row. I was pretty jazzed about this retro Bugle Boy pullover ($5). So many things you can tuck into that pocket. This sweater’s a great teal color, which reminds me … I need to cop a pair of retro Reebok Pumps to match. I love, love, love that the tagline on the tag reads “Fashion At Its Best.” I definitely concur!

See what else I got my hands on after the jump.

This snuggly knit Southwestern-style cardigan ($5) makes me think of log cabins, bearskin loafers and hot cocoa. It’s super cozy. I’m a huge fan of the buttons, too.

I saved the best for last! How amazing is this?! I’ve always wanted a vintage letterman jacket with a zip hood ($5) and was stunned that another customer digging through “The Pile” passed on it. Ummm, I’ll gladly take that amazing, one-of-a-kind piece off your hands. I’ll need to dry-clean it and am considering finding tiny patches to cover up the small holes. But all in all, this jacket is everything! Apparently ’82 was a good year. Shouts to Stacey, wherever she may be, for making this darling piece available. I’ll treasure it for years to come.

Grand total: $16.13

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