Thrifted Thursday: Christmas Haul, Part II

January 15, 2015

As you saw in last week’s edition of Thrifted Thursday, my bestie, Yvette, laced me up pretty nicely this past holiday with some awesome secondhand finds. Today, we continue with Part II of my Christmas haul, which is a sweater bonanza!


You’re looking at 100% virgin cashmere here, folks! This Dalton sweater by Marshall Field & Company is everything! And don’t get me started on the gold buttons. *Swoon*

Baby it’s cold outside, so bundle up and warm up to more sweaters after the jump!


This cardigan from GAP is a nice orangish red shade. The fabric flower adds a fun element, too.


Liz Claiborne has never let me down, and such is the case with this kelly green pullover. I’m all for the shoulder pads and ribbing around the collar, sleeves and bottom.


Simplicity is key in this black sweater from Marella Tricot. This piece will work great layered with a collared shirt underneath. You probably couldn’t tell by looking, but this knit sweater is made in Italy. Che fico!


How precious is this Tick Tock bunny sweater? This red dream says, “Sweet cooking. Apple pie,” and features a backdrop of a sweet country quilt of sorts. And the best part? The rabbit is fuzzy.

To see Part I of my Thrifted Christmas haul, click here.

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