Thrifted Thursday: Birthday Thrift Crawl, Part I

July 16, 2015

After enjoying THE greatest staycation at the Ace Hotel Downtown L.A. the night before, I woke up early to get the party started. I had a long and glorious day of thrift shopping ahead of me with friends new and old as part of my 31st birthday celebration. Prior to the big day, I mapped out three Lomita thrift shops within a mile or so of each other, as well as an eatery suitable to meet my hankering for pizza, and set an itinerary: Savers at 11 a.m., Alpine Attic at 12:30 p.m., Palos Verdes Resale at 1:30 p.m. and, lastly, California Pizza Kitchen at 2:30 p.m.

At our first stop on the thrift crawl, we ran through Savers. It was especially great because this was my first time ever setting foot inside of one of these spots, and I was taken aback by how organized and ample the selection of goods and wares was. I tried on some hot pants and a skirt but to no avail. However, there were a couple other items that fit the bill. And when I checked out, I casually mentioned to the cashier that it was my birthday and she gave me a special discount. A-wooooooo!

Stop two on this thrift-crawling train was another place I’d never been: Alpine Attic, where the caliber of the items seemed elevated. For example, Lauren found an Oscar de la Renta suitcase for $6, I believe. Octavia discovered a snazzy bowling bag with a ball inside, which Birte ending up purchasing for a mere $10. Tia got her paws on a vintage Jim Beam bottle with an ancient Greece motif, while Mariesa found a pristine Wilson tennis racket for $5 and Mike treated himself to a cashmere sweater.

We then went a couple blocks up Pacific Coast Highway to Palos Verdes Resale, which never seems to disappoint. One man’s trash is other man’s treasure, for sure. My pals rejoiced at all the gently used clothes dumped off, presumably by the rich folks on the Hill. So many great name brands for cheap. Hello, Pendleton! We were like kids in a candy store, snatching up all the items, and squealing with glee when we realized things were marked down an extra 50 percent. What a treat! Then we stopped by CPK for a well deserved lunch, during which we recapped our buys, laughed and made heinous faces for gigs. OK, maybe that was just me.

There’s something magical that happens when you divide and conquer as a team while thrifting. At each stop on the crawl, the store clerks acknowledged the party atmosphere that transformed the room when we stepped in, which was already apparent to me. I mean, my friends are pretty awesome. While it was my birthday, I took delight in finding rare gems for my homies (and vice versa), and throughly enjoyed seeing the looks of pure joy on their faces when they acquired something amazing.

Find out exactly I made off with during the thrift crawl in next week’s edition of Thrifted Thursday. But for now, these should hold you over!

Special thanks to all who joined me on my birthday thrift crawl, and to Zita, Lauren, Birte and Lola for capturing some snapshots of moi in my element.

ashley ♥ adores

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