Thrifted Thursday: Birthday Thrift Crawl, Part Deux, Haul

July 14, 2016


This Thrifted Thursday is a peek at all the great finds I made off with in my Birthday Thrift Crawl, Part Deux. I usually have great luck at Assistance League shops in general, so I wasn’t surprised about acquiring awesome goods and wares. However, I was taken aback by how deeply discounted most items were at the Assistance League of Santa Monica. I love a deal! This vibrant red patterned scarf ($2.50) could have been used for a number of things, but I intend to wear it as a headscarf. I can’t wait to tie it up in a big bow and twirl on all the haters.

See all the gems from my second annual thrift crawl after the jump!


Remember that time I happened upon that awesome vintage letterman jacket? Well, that one still needs a little TLC. Thankfully, I got my hands on this super-cute red-and-white letterman’s jacket ($3.50), which is fit for everyday wear, if I was that committed. You’ll notice a theme with these thrift picks: The majority of these items have a hue of red.

This darling framed pressed-flower art ($8) was the steepest priced item of the day, but it’s for good reason. This little treasure is quite rare and features such intricate details. I’ll gladly add this to my gallery wall in my living room. It’s like a burst of sunshine.

When I spotted this hardbound “Divorced Kids” book ($1), I thought surely it was a fictional tale. But upon peeling back the cover, I realized it was more-so of the self-help variety. I mean, I’m a divorced kid. Looking forward to unlocking some pearls of wisdom inside. Who knows? Maybe this book will provide me with some answers. We shall see.

As a bonus, this knit Beldoch Popper vintage cardigan ($3.50) actually was free with the BOGO sweater/jacket deal that day. Yaaass! I’ll take it. It will add the right amount of spice to any summer ensemble that needs a little kick in the pants.

Grand total: $16.43

Special thanks to all who accompanied me on my Birthday Thrift Crawl, Part Deux! I looked cute in my Outfit of the Day, if I can say so myself. Wink, wink.

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