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Photo of the Week No. 31: “Yaaasss to Yarn”

July 30, 2018

This Photo of the Week features a bright basket of yarn that made me fall “thread” over heels. See what I did there?! LOL. This image was captured at a crafting corner. Though the subject is something so simple, upon closer review, it captures a pretty complex scene. There’s a lot going on with the patterned tablecloth and tools, but the yarn in the foreground steals the show with its vibrant hues. And there’s a stray orange string ever so gently draped across the front of the basket. I also appreciate how the polka dots (I love me some dots!) get a little love, too. Alternate titles: “Cooler Threads Will Prevail,” “Darn That’s a Lot of Yarn,” “From Thread to Toe” and “Thread-to-Thread Format.”

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ashley ♥ adores