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Wednesday Word

September 20, 2017

This Wednesday Word No. 97, spotted on Pinterest, is an on-time reminder that nothing worth having comes easy. In this instance, I’m thinking about fitness, but this word can be applied to any area of your life (e.g., career, finances, relationships, faith, etc.). While my mantra “I’m into fitness … Fit’ness whole pizza in my mouth” governed my eating habits for quite some time, I need to leave my fat kid ways behind and put in work to get back on track health-wise. Operation Snatched for My Sister’s Wedding has officially commenced. Nov. 19 will be here before we know it, and my belly needs to go away so I’m comfortable and cute in my bridesmaid dress. To kick it into high gear, I’ve been taking a boxing class twice a week offered at my job’s gym (Shout out to stellar perks!), and it has not been a cakewalk. The trainer doesn’t take it easy on me and demands I give my all with every burpee, push-up, squat (don’t get me started on the rigors of the jump squat), sprint and plank. I must be a glutton for punishment because most of the time I feel like I’m on the verge of puking, to which the trainer promptly reminds me that there are trash cans strategically positioned around the gym. A.K.A., quit complaining and power through. Thankfully, I haven’t actually barfed during a session … yet. I feel myself getting stronger each week. Half the time, everything hurts — walking, laughing, stretching, taking the stairs, reaching for my purse … every little thing. And you know what? I like it. It means that I’m keeping myself responsible on my quest to better myself. Is there something that you need to focus your efforts on? Let me know in the comments below so I can encourage you on your journey, and vice versa 🙂

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Wednesday Word

August 2, 2017

This Wednesday Word No. 96, spotted on Imgrum, is all about giving yourself a little nudge to get back on your grind. Of course, I’m talking to myself here, but by all means take it and apply it to your own situation. As the saying goes, “Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle.” Burn! The accuracy of that statement is too real. I can’t blame anyone but myself for not making progress on my goals. As of late, I’ve been in a vicious cycle of erratic sleep schedules, distractions aplenty and never having enough time for the things that are important — the things I’ve dreamt about — which basically means I’ve been sidelining my passions. Do better, Ash. No longer will that be the case. I’m reclaiming my time like Auntie Maxine and not looking back. This will be a process, but with a plan, some theme music (*cues Jay Z’s “I Just Wanna Love U”, followed by Chance’s “Finish Line/Drown”) and consistency, I know I’ll get there. Shout out to all those who are on their grind, making their dreams a reality.