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Out and About: Private Tasting at Brown Estate

April 9, 2018

“Fun” doesn’t even begin to describe my time at Brown Estate winery in Napa Valley. It’s the subject of my last Photo of the Week, by the way. Click through the slideshow to see the sights from the day. This visit was part of a girls trip with a few of my faves from the Bay Area. It doesn’t take much for me to have a blast with these gals, but the fact that we had the whole place to ourselves was an added bonus. We got to learn about the owners, Dr. and Mrs. Brown, the history of the black-owned winery and the grapes used to create their wines. And we even got to go into the wine cellar and see the barrels on barrels on barrels of the wine varieties. Sky, the family’s trusty poodle, also added to the charm of being on the pristine grounds. The Brown Estate staff went above and beyond with the pairings. They were smackin! I fell in love with the Betelgeuse White and the Westside Zinfandel. This amazing day was all made possible by Veronica (so grateful for the invite!), who is a member of the winery. And a big thank you to David, the winegrower, and Sean, the tasting room associate, for making our visit extra special and super memorable. I can’t wait to return!

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Photo of the Week No. 14: “Fun Awaits at Brown Estate”

April 2, 2018

This Photo of the Week was taken at Brown Estate winery in Napa Valley, California, this past weekend. I call it “Fun Awaits at Brown Estate” because I visited this beautiful, black-owned winery with a group of some of my favorite girls. There’s never a dull moment when we get together! This building was built in the 1850s and remains intact — just as it was built all those years ago. That was just one of many fun facts our tour guide for the day, Sean, shared with us. There was something magical about this stately, brown building and the dangling tree leaves swaying effortlessly in the gentle breeze. To me, this image signals that whimsy and merrymaking are in store. Spoiler alert: They were. Stay tuned for more about our adventure in an upcoming “Out and About” post!

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ashley ♥ adores