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Thrifted Thursday: Sweater from Goodwill, Murrieta

January 23, 2014


This oversized Ariana sweater ($5.95) was destined to be mine the moment I laid eyes on it. Paired with a black skinny jean and riding boots, this is the ultimate centerpiece of a quintessential winter ensemble.

But this wasn’t all that struck my fancy that day. After the jump, check out some interesting finds I also saw.

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Thrifted Thursday: Church Lady Hats

September 12, 2013

The Salvation Army at Alamitos and Anaheim in Long Beach has the church lady hat game on lock! While on a recent thrifting adventure, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of these show-stopping accessories placed throughout the store. It made me ponder adding one to my repertoire to wear with the perfect outfit, of course.









Would you ever consider rocking one of these extravagant headpieces? Which of these hats do you like the best?

Thrifted Thursday: (Window Shopping) Chairs and a Cabinet from Treasure Hunt, Long Beach

June 6, 2013

More often than not while at a thrift shop I find myself looking at furniture and fixtures, as if I have a mansion that needs furnishing. I don’t, so I’m just forced to daydream about all the lovely vintage and antique finds, a.k.a. window shop. Here are a few of the pieces I wished I could take home.


I love a tufted piece. And that pale pink is such a wonderful color.


If I didn’t have a built-in armoire at my apartment, this guy would be perfect for my dining room.


Nice wicker back on this chair! And the shape? Beautiful.

Thrifted Thursday: Dressy Tops from Goodwill, Murrieta

April 18, 2013

As per usual, I told myself I wasn’t going to spend tons of money when I set foot in the Goodwill. I was just there to help my sister, Ayesha, find some cool things. You know. We’re in and we’re out. But then I made the mistake of perusing the blouses, and before you know it, my arms were full of amazing garments at ridiculously low prices. I had to smack myself back into reality. And you guys should be happy that I didn’t give in and buy everything I saw!


This nice spotted Loft cardigan ($5.99) was brand new, with the tags still on from Macy’s. Why would anyone in their right mind donate this? Well, their loss, my gain — for less than $6.


I’ve been in to prints as of late, and this nice patterned blouse (also $5.99) spoke to me, shoulder pads and all!

Grand total: $11.98

See which other items caught my eye that day after the jump!

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