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Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping on Retro Row, Long Beach

February 9, 2017

This Thrifted Thursday is a snapshot of a recent stroll through my old stomping grounds: Retro Row in Long Beach. It had been a minute since I stopped by my personal haven of secondhand scores. The first five snapshots in this slideshow were taken at the Assistance League Thrift Shop, perhaps the most under-rated store on the block, but by far my favorite. I saw a couple of pieces that channeled my inner working woman circa 1980 and said “What up tho?!” to my girl, Liz Claiborne. The contrasting brown and cream leathers made it hard to pass up, but I’ve gotta slow down on buying duplicates of items I already own or that are too similar in style. Another find that was extra hard to turn away from was the vintage wicker picnic basket. I’m a collector, but the $20 price tag was a little steep, considering the handle was slightly warped. It was a sight to behold no less, as was its mini counterpart that I spied resting in the shelf underneath. My friend Fifi bought the tiny basket, which would make a super cute lunch bag or an even edgier handbag, for her sweet little niece. Inside were these itty-bitty ceramic tea cups and saucers. So darling! As my trek down the block continued, I saw some exquisite framed tapestries, the most adorable vintage typewriters, an ultra authentic Western blouse and the pièce de résistance … a VHS copy of Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalker.” You have no idea how many Saturday mornings were spent dancing and singing along to this gem of modern cinema in the Ratcliff household during the early ’90s.

You’ll see the great finds that I purchased that day in next week’s Thrifted Thursday. Until then, to see previous Thrifted Thursday rarities and good finds, click here.

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Thrifted Thursday: Great Home Decor (And More) While Window Shopping on Retro Row, Long Beach

May 12, 2016

Retro Row, I just can’t quit you! This Thrifted Thursday chronicles yet another jaunt down Retro Row in my city — this time capturing some sweet pieces of home decor I spotted. Click through the slideshow to see all the finds that spoke to me that day. Most of them were one-of-a-kind gems, which, of course, are my jam. Take for instance this cookie jar. I love that it has the qualifier of “today” on it. Have a happy day? I get the sentiment, but when you add “today,” it makes it feel personal. This piece would fit nicely on a shelf in a mud room, a place that you pass through daily to appreciate its charm. Call me crazy, but I’m a fan of taxidermy insects and butterflies. The one pictured in this slideshow may even be dipping into moth territory. Anyway, it’s a beautiful piece that highlights a beautiful creature. Perhaps the most nonconventional piece in this post is the bowl of matchbooks. Clearly, this is a means for this particular thrift shop — Retroda: Past and Present — to store its expansive collection. But when you step back and look at it, this could be a fun design element for any living space. Place a bowl full of matchbooks on top of a coffee table, and add a few candles of varying heights. Boom! Statement piece. And then there’s the framed business cards of historical women figures throughout the ages (#girlpower!), which could also get visitors talking, as well as the vintage framed artwork. I live for it!

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Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping Down Retro Row, Long Beach — Owls Edition 

April 7, 2016

Owls are the bee’s knees, my friends! There’s something so regal and stately and inquisitive about these predatory birds that draws me to them. Oh, and any species that devours rodents (they’re THE absolute worst) is a friend of mine! The past couple of strolls down Retro Row in Long Beach have provided plenty of owl eye candy, so this Thrifted Thursday is devoted to those majestic birds. Click through the slideshow to see them all! From cups, to piggy banks, to jars, to paintings of all varieties, there were owls just about everywhere I looked. Fun fact: My colleague has the same blue owl print hanging in her office. So I was delighted to see that her owl has a companion (the one looking like it’s hugging itself). Hopefully the pair will be reunited soon. One of the store clerks from Retroda: Past & Present informed me that the artist (whose name escapes me) also has some pretty cool sculptures that look remarkably different from his paintings. That’s what I love about shopping local. You get to meet your neighbors and learn random facts. It’s awesome. There’s lots to see and explore down on Retro Row. Don’t miss out!

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Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping at Treasure Hunt, Long Beach

February 11, 2016

The Treasure Hunt always has great finds … little treasures, if you will. My last trip there was par for the course. I told myself I wasn’t there to shop for myself, rather to search for presents for my bestie. While perusing the housewares section, a shimmery gold jewel caught my eye in the form of these fireplace tools. Look! They’re ducks. I, of course, have no need for them, as I don’t have a fireplace, but they’re pretty darn cute.

See more of what caught my eye during this quick jaunt after the jump!

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Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping at Pasadena Antique Mall

October 29, 2015

I’ve been to Pasadena like three times in life. Nothing against the ‘Dena. It’s just so far away that I never visit, but this past weekend I found myself up there for the Bulletproof Conference at the Convention Center. And as fate would have it, the mall across the street houses the Pasadena Antique Mall — a vintage lover and collector’s dream. With about an hour to kill, I got lost in all the old-timey goodness that the shop offers.

Imagine being at a Goodwill that has all the greatest hits. That’s exactly what it’s like at the PAM (I don’t even know if that’s a thing but I just made it one. Boom!). Retro cigarette cases. Vintage cameras. Unusual maps and globes. Fine china. Antique spice jars. Well-maintained typewriters. Tons of them. I think I counted six that were in wonderful condition. Since I’m the daughter of a retired Marine, I was particularly impressed by the selection of rare military uniforms. Who would give that kind of thing away?

The Pasadena Antique Mall also had an abundance of one-off pieces. A bric-a-brac haven, if you will. I was particularly fond of the chalkboard that had images representing each letter of the alphabet around the perimeter. Oh, and the vintage dress form took me back. I wonder where it came from and what kinds of apparel were created on it. The weirdest find of the day? A taxidermy bat, mounted and framed next to other dead things. The moths and butterflies were beautiful though. You know you’re in a premium antique mall when you get that eerie, slightly morbid feeling. At least I do anyway.

Long story short, the next time you find yourself in the ‘Dena, stop by the PAM. You won’t be disappointed.

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Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping at Salvation Army, Long Beach

August 13, 2015

I wasn’t in a spending mood after donating, so window shopping at Salvation Army is how I spent one recent Saturday morning. The first thing that stopped me in my tracks was this glamorous beaded, cobalt blue gown. So regal, so elegant, so fancy. I had plans for this gown … until I saw the $80 price tag. So I left it right there for the next would-be buyer. A small piece of me is holding out hope that it’s still there when Salvation Army’s 40-percent-off sale is going on, at which point I’m gonna snatch it up without flinching. See more great finds after the jump!

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Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping at Salvation Army, Long Beach

May 7, 2015

photo (18)

This big, blue wonder spoke to me while I was out on a recent thrift shop jaunt. Tickling the ivories has always been something at which I dreamed of becoming skilled. Picture this: a full house at a dinner party, when a lull hits. Someone blurts out, “Beautiful piano you have there. Do you play?” To which I respond, “Why, yes. Yes I do.” Then proceed to dazzle and wow my friends and loved ones with a rousing rendition of “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. Slowly but surely, everyone starts singing along, and before we know it, it’s a full-blown party. Then I snap back to reality because A.) I don’t know how to play said piano. B.) Getting a piano into my second-level one-bedroom apartment would be nearly impossible, and C.) What am I really gonna do with a piano? There’s simply no room for it. What am I gonna do? Use it as a dinner table? But, it’s fun the imagine. That’s the beauty of window shopping at thrift shops like the Salvation Army. You get to see some pretty rad things without the burden of actually owning them.

Alas, this bright piano surely has already found its lucky owner. To him or her I say, “Play on playa.”

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Thrifted Thursday: Window Shopping Along Retro Row, Long Beach

August 7, 2014

There’s no shortage of design inspiration and vintage envy on Retro Row (Fourth Street) in Long Beach. I recently stopped by the AIDS Assistance Thrift Store and the Feed Store, and saw some pretty rare items.


I don’t hesitate to check out the art at thrift shops. The AIDS Assistance Thrift Store is known for its annual spring art sale, and apparently had some great pieces still available.


Well, what do we have here? Yes, that would be a mirror etched with the Bee Gees’ likenesses! The “Legal Size” and arrows are a reflection from the box it’s placed inside. It was hard to use restraint (I told myself I was only there to look for stuff for my mom), but I did. On the off chance that it’s still there, it’s mine!

Keep reading to see what else struck my fancy that day.

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Thrifted Thursday: (Window Shopping) Housewares from Warehouse 1333, Long Beach

April 3, 2014

One of my favorite consignment shops in the area is Warehouse 1333. Each time I go in there I fall in love with the randomest of items, from doors to antique jars. It’s a great place to get design inspiration as well. Take a look at some of the goods and wares I found during a recent trip.


This night stand would be at home in my bedroom.


Like clockwork I found this darling vintage Seiko world clock.


I’ve always wanted a butterfly taxidermy collection to hang up. Random, I know.


There’s so many fun design things you could do with these bird cages. Centerpieces. Chandeliers. Don’t get me started!


I’ll gladly take everything on this shelf. Please and thank you.


This too.


The blue jars caught my eye, and I like the way an old book or two can bring depth to a simple space.


I’m going to need to invest in some spools of yarn. And the chess pieces in a glass was a novel concept.


The juxtaposition of glass and ceramics is so fancy.


Old luggage is something I will invest in for updating a space in my place.

Thrifted Thursday: (Window Shopping) Antiques from Grandma Darlings Antique Mall, Signal Hill

February 27, 2014

There are a bunch of antique shops in Long Beach and neighboring Signal Hill that I’ve been wanting to check out. I visited Grandma Darlings Antique mall a few weeks ago in search of a reasonably priced ceramic jar, which I ended up personalizing into a Blessings Jar that I ultimately included in my Two-Year Blogiversary Giveaway. These are just a few of the many treats that I saw while there. Seriously, I got lost inside a couple of times.


How quaint is this vintage rocking horse?




JFK bookends.

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