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Out and About: Spring at the Silos

March 22, 2018

If you’ve seen my most recent Photo of the Week, then you’ve gotten a sneak peak at some of the sights from my visit to Spring at the Silos. Last week, I was in Austin, Texas, for SXSW and my mom was able to join me for a few days. Being the “Fixer Upper” fan that she is, she wanted to visit where Chip and Joanna call home. And I was down for the adventure. So we rented a car, drove an hour and a half to Waco (with me singing “Life Is A Highway” no less than 275 times or so — bless my mom’s heart for putting up with my antics), and dove head first into the magic at Magnolia Market.

When we arrived, we were amazed at the huge crowds of people who showed up. There were people — and lines — everywhere. But, thankfully, they moved quickly. I was drinking it all in — the rust-covered silos, the flowerbeds, the design elements inside of the shop, the typography, the big blue sky. After working up an appetite, my mom and I decided to take a break from barbecue (we had so much smoked meat while in Austin that it legit was coming from our pores) and feasted instead on a burrito, but still were tickled by the sign from the Guess Family Barbecue truck.

Overall, it really was a quaint and pleasant experience. I look forward to returning with my mom one day. Also, not pictured are the tasty confectionary delights from Silos Baking Co. I’d make a trip back to Waco for “The Prize Pig” biscuit (hint: there’s bacon involved) and the Silo Cookie (with chocolate and peanut butter chips with a sprinkling of walnuts) alone. Run, don’t walk, if you find yourself in the neighborhood, and thank me later! And by “thank me,” I mean save me some of that goodness.

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Photo of the Week No. 12: “Welcome to Waco”

March 19, 2018

I made it to Texas for the first time last week — Austin, specifically, for South By Southwest, and then Waco for the Spring at the Silos event on Friday. This Photo of the Week No. 12 was taken at Magnolia Market, owned and operated by Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Uppers.” It being my proper first time in Texas, I was struck by all the quintessentially “Texas” sights and sounds — the massive silos, the thriving flowerbeds, the stately typography on the signage, the Southern twangs of the attendees who came from far and wide to experience the Magnolia they’ve fallen in love with on TV. I was eager to capture it all with my trusty Canon. The image that I settled on for this Photo of the Week — what I call “Welcome to Waco” — frames all of the aforementioned magic in one simple shot. It’s like a postcard. Stay tuned for more snapshots from that day in an upcoming Out and About post!

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ashley ♥ adores