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Letter-Writing Campaign

April 30, 2013


Call me old-fashioned, but I’m the kind of person who still likes the feel of a magazine or newspaper in my hands (I suppose it’s the journalist in me), or a vinyl record or compact disc to thumb through the liner notes. And I don’t foresee that changing any time soon. I’m also one of those who finds great joy in receiving a handwritten thank-you card or a quick note. Why? Because it’s a rarity, with email and text messages the norm for communicating in today’s fast-paced world. The very act of writing by hand a message to someone is thoughtful and shows how much you care for the person on the receiving end. It brings a sense of warmth, seeing how the sender’s words flowed from pen to page in their very own, unique way.

Last September, my mom said this to me during one of her impromptu, half-serious rants: “Social media is for the birds. Let’s get back to writing notes on paper or pretty stationery.” Though the irony of her saying this via Voxer isn’t lost on me, the heart of what she meant has stuck with me. Last week when I had to mail something off to her, I thought I’d take the time to send her a quick note as well, just telling her that I love and appreciate her, and believe in her dreams and plans for her gift basket business (See image above). I think it was a pleasant surprise to my mom. We all need reminders and encouragements every now and then. Up next to receive a handwritten letter from me is my younger cousin, Alexis, who currently is in boot camp. I just know she thrives off of getting mail when she’s so far away and disconnected from everything.

That being said, we’ve decided to launch a letter-writing campaign. Not the kind where you gripe about something to your congressperson, but the kind that brightens days, brings smiles to faces and instills joy in the hearts of those who read them. By golly, we’re resurrecting the dying art form of handwritten messages. Who’s with us? (If this were a movie, I envision the slow clap starting right about … now)