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Wednesday Word

March 21, 2018

This Wednesday Word No. 105, spotted on Pinterest, is a good reminder for today, the second day of spring. Or any day, really! LOL. Spoken by Walt Whitman — the American poet, essayist and journalist also known as the “father of free verse” — this quote, in my opinion, is all about your mindset. Spring, to many, is the start of a new beginning. New life, new blooms, new wardrobes, new possibilities and so on. Why not use the dawn of this new season as a time to recalibrate and shift gears in your thinking? Maybe the rainy, chilly weather — or if we’re being really honest, life’s little storms — has gotten you down. Maybe you’re tired of hearing that good things are on the way when your present reality shows otherwise. If so, here’s a simple remedy that may be just what the doctor ordered: Turn your gaze toward the sun. Soak in those rays, that divine Vitamin D, and see if it doesn’t shift your perspective. When we shift our gaze toward the light (read: focus on the positive), darkness has no choice but to fall behind us. On this day — this drizzly and grey day in Los Angeles — I will look for the metaphorical sunshine and know that it will put a little spring in my step. Hope you can do the same wherever you are (physically and mentally), friends!

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Wednesday Word

March 22, 2017

This Wednesday Word No. 93, courtesy of The Happy Housie, is a reminder that even the seasons can offer hope. It’s officially springtime, but the weather in Los Angeles is having a bit of an identity crisis, as it rained yesterday and will have an encore throughout today. I’m right there with all you sunshine lovers with my old-school chant of “Rain, rain go away, come again another day.” I mean, I thought we were over this. Apparently, February saw as many rainy days as it did sunny ones (and, therefore, enough rain for the rest of the year, if you ask me), which is unheard of for Southern California. But before I get caught up in this trivial gripe, I must acknowledge that there are some great perks that have come from rainfall. Without the rain, there are no blooming wildflowers and succulent succulents and lush green hills that I have recently been pleasantly surprised by. On a deeper level, this quote speaks to the newness that’s sure to come. No matter how dreadful your present day may look, there’s always the promise of a better, brighter tomorrow. After the storm comes sunshine. It just takes a little darkness for you to fully appreciate the light. I hope your perspective shifts when you consider how long you’ve been in a place you’d rather not be. Change will soon come. Believe that!

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ashley ♥ adores

Fancy Things Friday

March 20, 2015

photo (46)

1. I spy with my little eye this wildly eccentric Essentiel Perspex Eye Clutch. The streets will definitely be watching with this clutch in your hands or on your shoulder. And while they’re looking, give them something to talk about by pairing this purse with a fierce outfit. (

2. Friends! Spring has finally arrived! Not only are these Fine Dining Heels in Watercolor perfectly crafted, they possess the essence of springtime: fresh, bright, vibrant, energizing. These fun numbers deserve more than fine dining, as their name suggests. (

3. Isn’t she a beaut? The model is cute, but I’m talking about this stunning True Violet Structured Painted Floral Print Maxi Dress With High Low Hem. I could even see this as a wedding dress for an alternative bride. (

4. Long live the Dancing Girls emoji! Now my favorite text-messaging symbol can be used to add some flair to any and all of my outfits. Thanks, Valley Cruise for bringing this darling BFF Lapel Pin into my life. May we never forget the time my pal, Zita, and I dressed like these quirky characters for 826LA’s Dance-a-thon. (

5. I’m feeling the breezy, springtime vibes from this bright yellow Draped Dress. It makes me wanna soak up the sunshine, which has been plentiful, as of late. Yes, Lord! (