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Fancy Things Friday

August 1, 2014


1. These precious Lori Cutout Flats by Restricted transition well from summer into fall. With a chambray top and a bright midi skirt, these rustic-inspired shoes would definitely pop. (

2. I’ll admit it. I have long been a staunch naysayer of fedoras. That all changed when I saw Lack of Color’s collection of wide-brimmed fedoras. This Montana Hidden Shadows hat is super versatile with its deep grey brim, black bow detail ribbon and light marle grey crown. It gives me a certain film noir dame vibe. (

3. With its daring cobalt blue hue, the sexy silk Caila Envelop Skirt has a regal air about it. Pair this wraparound skirt with an open-toe heel and your invisible crown, and they’ll be singing, “She’s your queeeeeeen tooo beeeee.” (

4. I’m always proud to rep for Team Natural. These Naturally Dope Hand Painted Earrings from Leather Candy Accessories make it easy. Plus, dopeness needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. (

5. Florals and polka dots join forces in this vintage-inspired Princess Rose One-Piece swimsuit. So much charm in one small package! (

Fancy Things Friday

November 22, 2013


1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Pharrell Williams is a genius! Guys, please watch the music video for his song, “Happy.” Not only is the song guaranteed to put you in a good mood, it is the world’s first 24-hour music video. Seriously. When you go to the site, it picks up in real time wherever you are. Feel free to click around to see what “happiness” looks like at any time of the day. Dope! (

2. You know what else is pretty cool? These Ammunition Earrings in root beer from 8 Other Reasons. For some reason, they remind me of a woman wearing bantu knots or a queen wearing a unique crown. Either way you look at it, they’re darling. (

3. I’m partial to these Jessica Simpson Cambredge Black Kid Suede High Back Heels. It’s high time I got more suede in my life, and these are the way to do it in style. (

4. With this IMAGO-A Lacquer Leather Trimmed Long Coat, I’d be ready to brave whatever weather decides to come out. I know what you’re thinking. “It doesn’t get that cold in California.” Oh, but yes it does. If it’s not 85 degrees and sunny, it’s freezing, in my opinion. Plus, the tiny pocket and black trim are extra fun. (

5. Apparently I’m late to the party, but Urban Outfitters is finally selling popular Japanese brand TONYMOLY, known for it’s quaint packaging. You see, this isn’t your average apple. It’s Red Appletox Honey Cream, a super cute way to get super smooth skin. (

Fancy Things Friday

August 30, 2013


1. Charlotte Olympia is a new find that I’m enamored with. The designer has plenty of iconic handbags and clutches, but it’s the Time Piece engraved Perspex matchbox clutch that I’m particularly fond of. Adorable, right?! (

2. I’m loving the two-tonedness of this he Mini Structured Handbag from Daily Look. The styling possibilities are limitless. (

3. These blue Open Toe Wedges look like the perfect combination of snazzy and comfortable. (

4.) I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that autumn is on its way (despite the 90-degree weather in Long Beach), so I’m looking at blazers to add to my warm-weather wardrobe. Look no further than this Fitted Jacket from H&M. Also, who else is juiced about H&M finally opening an online shop?! (

5. VintiCouture is another website I recently got acquainted with, and I’m a huge fan of their jewelry, especially this Lion Head Chain & Stud Set. (

Fancy Things Friday

August 23, 2013


1. Grateful Apparel has collaborated with Jefferson Bethke, known for his “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus” spoken word piece, on this dope Everything Created Tee. It reads “Everything created by God is good.” Very true indeed. And shout out to Grateful for making some of the illest tees for Believers. (

2. “Saucy” is the word that came to mind when I saw these Rio 2-Part Simple Sandals from Topshop. (

3. Miss Wax serves up some tribal flair with its Zenial Stud Choker Necklace. That aqua color though! (

4. Because I can’t get enough of buttons, bows and prints, here are some lovely AKA accessories from Global Couture. Matter of fact, I’ll take their whole inventory. (

5. The detail on this Chaplin Briefcase Style Purse really sealed the deal. (

Style Inspiration: High-Top Kicks

April 8, 2013


I’m on the market for a new pair of sneakers. Though I’m loving the wedge sneaker look, I’m not sure if it’s exactly “me.” Nevertheless, there are plenty of options out there from stores like Forever 21, Angl and Reflection. I’m leaning toward some more along the lines of the red hi-tops.

If you had to pick, which ones would you cop? Let me know in the comments section below.

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