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Speed Dating

August 11, 2012


Speed dating. I came, I saw, I conquered.

I’ve always wanted to try speed dating but the opportunity never presented itself. So when my church announced it was hosting its first speed dating event, my ears perked up. It’s a great idea: mix and mingle with other like-minded (saved) people, while also enjoying entertainment. As the days drew closer, I began to have second thoughts, but my friends reassured me that I should give it a whirl.

That entire day, my stomach was in knots. I ran into one of my friends in the parking lot, which was great, because we walked in together. It was pretty legit. We had to sign wavers because there were cameras filming, which didn’t do much to assuage my anxiety. But once the rotations began, there was no looking back. It’s like jumping into a pool. You know that the water’s going to be cold, but once you take the first leap of faith, your body will adjust to the water and it’ll be nothing but fun.

Due to the disproportionate ration of women to men, I only got to “date” four guys. Just when I was starting to get the hang of it, I had to get out of the rotation to give some of the other ladies a chance to make their rounds. It was definitely fun while it lasted. No, there weren’t any love connections made that night. However, it was a very memorable experience I’m glad I committed to trying. Yay for breaking out of comfort zones and trying new things!