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Ashley Adores’ Favorite Things: WeWOOD’s Timepieces

December 9, 2014

From a fashion standpoint, men’s watches have long been on my radar, but there’s something unique about WeWOOD’s Timepieces. What makes WeWOOD watches so special is that they’re made from premium wood, and for every watch sold, a tree is planted. That’s pretty awesome and quite commendable, given the state of our planet. WeWOOD works domestically with American Forests, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization that protects America’s forests, and collaborates internationally with Trees for the Future, which has planted more than 65 million trees in 30 countries.

“We want to plant 1 million trees by 2020 and another million in the 20 years after that,” WeWOOD’s Ryan Alexander told Forbes. “It’s so exciting to do business and also make a difference. We’ve planted 50,000 trees in Ghana, 7,500 in Texas, 5,000 in the Bitterroot National Forest of Montana and Idaho, and more. There’s a lot of deforestation and devastation out there so every bit of relief helps.”

This two-toned Jupiter Beige-Brown Watch is twice as nice with its dual Miyota movements. Plus, you can’t argue with a timepiece that’s made of 100 percent natural wood, and free from artificial and toxic materials.


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Ashley Adores’ Favorite Things: Out of Print’s Long Sleeves

December 2, 2014

Generosity meets style and nerdom with Out of Print‘s sweaters, T-shirts and other literary accessories. Following a one-for-one donation model, for each product sold, the online retailer donates a book to Books For Africa, an organization that collects and distributes books to children in Africa.

“From day one we wanted to use our business as a vehicle to help do good,” said Todd Lawton, who created Out of Print Clothing with his business partner and childhood friend, Jeffrey LeBlanc, in an interview with the Freelancers Union. “We found Books For Africa and really liked how they operate. They have a simple mission — to distribute books to students of all ages in Africa — and are very efficient. We also were excited about our ability to help promote their organization.”

The company says it has sent more than 1 million books to communities in need in 22 countries through its partnership with Books For Africa. Although some of my favorite books (The Bluest Eye, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) have yet to be immortalized in wearable form from Out of Print, the online shop has some pretty cool literary gems.

This Library Stamp Long Sleeve is a throwback to the days when the library was life for young bookworms like myself. It gets extra points for having dates from my birth year of 1984, which, incidentally, is saluted in an awesome red long sleeve for the dystopian novel written by George Orwell.


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