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Travel Log: Oahu, Hawaii 4/21 – 4/25

May 3, 2016

I recently crossed one more destination off my travel wish list: Hawaii. Yes, I had never been to that magical island state until about a week and a half ago. Read all that went down on this delightful girls trip to Oahu in my most recent Travel Log.

DAY ONE: Thursday, April 21

We landed safely. After a plane full of what seemed to be 20 screaming babies, I needed to get off of the aircraft. Stat! I got a text from Sierra telling me to meet her and the rest of the gals at Baggage Claim B. A short walk later, I saw them standing there delighted with their leis on. Wait! Where’s my lei greeting? I paid $16 and somebody was gonna greet me with some flowers on a string come hell or high water. I tracked the lei guy down, and after scanning his list found me. “Oh, there you are. Sorry, I didn’t make it to the gate. Welcome to Hawaii.” Not exactly the aloha spirit-filled greeting I envisioned in my head. But, hey, we’re in Hawaii by golly and we’re gonna have the best time ever. Onward to the Budget rental car. We opted for the Ford Escape, by the way. Lots of legroom for all five of us.

We had to kill time since check-in at the Airbnb wasn’t until 4 p.m. We were staying in Hauula, which was about 45 minutes to and hour away from Honolulu and 30 minutes on the other side from the famous North Shore of Oahu. So we ventured to Mike’s Huli Chicken, which Yvette had seen on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.” The food truck was busy that afternoon with the locals getting their lunches. I ordered the Huli Stir Fry and it was sa-mackin! Oh, and the peas in the macaroni salad was a pleasant surprise. A curious egret danced around our table, meanwhile some wild cocks squawked in the distance. It was wild. Literally and figuratively. After lunch, we kept driving up toward Hauula and stopped at a liquor store to stock up for the weekend. And then a shopping center for groceries and miscellaneous sundries.

When we arrived at the Airbnb, we were relieved that it was just like the pictures online. It’s a quaint, cozy three-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage with a small yard and nice front deck. We rested a bit and got settled in. A couple hours later, we took a short walk down to the beach and saw the ocean in all its majestic beauty. The beach was secluded and was only tainted by our footprints. The locals whose homes met the sand just enjoyed the view and went on with their lives. I was in awe. And the water was warm. We toasted to our first day in paradise and went back to our home for the next five days to chill. It was great. Later, we took a short drive to Papa Ole’s for dinner. The Teri Chicken was delicious and the girls’ shrimp and Loco Moko plates were also enjoyable, by their accounts. The rest of the evening we spent mourning the loss of Prince and had a nice nightcap on the cozy sectional.

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