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Thrifted Thursday: Vintage McDonald’s Tee from eBay

June 12, 2014



Raise your hand if you attended a birthday party at McDonald’s as a kid. Well, that’d be me and my brother, Rob, for sure. We had the luxury of being born in the mid-1980s and on the birthday party circuit in the early ’90s. Granted, I only went to one Micky D’s bash, but it was quite the festive affair. There were relay games and everything!

Anywho, I recently was perusing eBay and happened upon this gem of an “I Partied at McDonald’s” T-shirt ($10). It immediately brought me back down memory lane! The gang’s all there, too: Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar, Grimace (a.k.a. the purple roundish creature), Birdie the Early Bird and a Fry Kid (that pom-pom-looking thing).

Grand total: $10

Kitchen Diaries: Sloppy Joes

June 10, 2014


When’s the last time you had a Sloppy Joe? I know, right?! It’s been quite some time since I feasted on that time-honored union of saucy meat and toasted buns. Honestly, having eaten more than my share of them during my childhood, I vowed never to have one again — or at least not for a long, long time. But feeling a bit nostalgic, I decided to give the Joes a go.

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