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Wednesday Word

January 5, 2022
2022 word of the year

Happy 2022, friends! I know it’s been a hot minute. Not gonna lie — COVID-19 fatigue and MS fatigue played a big factor in my lack of activity here over the past year. But that doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way (although it seems like the pandemic shows no signs of letting up anytime soon). With a new year comes a reinvigorated passion to create new habits.

Which brings me to my Word of the Year for 2022: “empowered.” This year, I want to remember the power that I have to control my own destiny (with God on my side, of course). I want to spend more time doing things outside of work that fulfill me. That includes blogging here at Ashley ♥ Adores, traveling, spending time with my loved ones, eating delicious foods and more.

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Wednesday Word

January 2, 2019

This Wednesday Word No. 109 (the first of 2019!), spotted at Lessons Learned in Life, is a timely reminder as we embark on the new year. Whether you feel like 2018 was kind to you or if it was the meanest year to date, it’s apropos to reflect on how far you’ve come. I personally am using the upsets and challenges from the past year to propel me into this new season. I’ve weathered the storms and am stronger than ever because of it. Give yourself credit for persevering. Alrighty, no more living in the past. Let’s get after 2019! May this new year be your most productive, fulfilling, successful one yet.

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