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Fancy Things Friday

August 29, 2014


1. Black and white go bold in this Billie Skirt by Rue 107. Set this look off with a neon orange heel and matching lip, and you’ll be as picturesque as the brushstrokes found in this set. (

2. Put a spell on the passersby with this dazzling silver and gold Hex Curb Link Necklace. (

3. This Iris Dress has quickly become the apple of my eye. The cut-out takes this dress from average to amazing, and the stripes add a certain spunk. (

4. New York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles — the world’s not ready for this other-worldly Two Tone Sweater! (

5. What a good look this New Look Pink Contrast Twist Lock Bag is. Whether worn across the body or as a clutch, this bag will make any outfit complete. (

Fancy Things Friday

August 8, 2014


1. Where Brooklyn at?! Fun fact: This Uzi Woven Tee, featured via clothing line Spiritual America, was made there. Wear this avant-garde black-and-white top and you’ll be right at home on the hipstery streets of New York. (

2. Skorts are back with a vengeance, in case you didn’t know. Sanctuary’s Soft Skort is like the older, sophisticated sister of the skort of yesteryear. But don’t get it twisted — she can still rage with the best of them. Live on the edge with this tribal-print high-waisted piece. (

3. Tell it like it is with this Jet’aime Necklace from Jennifer Meyer Jewelry. (

4. Relax your feet, but don’t you dare kick off these shoes. “Why?” you may ask. Because it’s a nonstop party with these Beebop thong flat sandals. Please observe the fact that paisley print never looked so perfect than it does here. (

5. Words of wisdom: Be Brave & Be Kind. To wear this helpful reminder on your wrist, look no further than this stylish bracelet from The Lost Lanes. Apparently, the phrase “be brave and be kind” is a lyric from the song “Baby, We’ll Be Fine” by The National. The more you know. (

Fancy Things Friday

April 25, 2014


1. What a sight for sweet eyes these Ella’s sunglasses make! I say bring on the sunshine and mimosas, ’cause it’s about to be a party when you’re wearing these show-stoppers. (

2. The Rosebud Chain Pendant is a little bit of thug and a little bit of flower child, and I’m not mad at all! (

3. We meet again, polka dots. How could a gal resist this White Polka Dot Skater Skirt, with all its whimsical daintiness? (

4. Forget about milkshakes. This Full Chic Ahead Navy Blue Dress will bring all the boys to the yard saying, “Va, va, va, voom!” This LuLu’s exclusive bodycon number is here to turn heads with its soft sheen and daring triangular cutout. (

5. Worn separately or as a set, these Brushstroke Matching Separates are a definite go. Even better, you essentially get to paint the town red in two outfits for the price of one — a crop top and a high-waist flared skirt (and the boundless styling possibilities that come with both them). (