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Natural Hair Journey: Product Review — Natural Hair Box

June 27, 2013


Earlier this month, I was chosen as the winner of an Onyx Rose giveaway for the June Natural Hair Box. From the same vein as the CurlBox or CurlKit, the Natural Hair Box gives customers samples of six or so natural hair care products for $29.99 each month. It truly is a bargain when you consider that Shea Moisture products alone, for example, are sold for $10 a pop. And the cost to try new products can add up pretty quickly.

This month’s box included an herbal restorative tea rinse treatment from Hair Tease, a snickerdoodle scented body butter from Bake Shop Butters, Twirly Hair Gel from L.A.C.E. Natural, hair and skin moisturizer from Nahbila’s Essentials, Hair Foreplay Leave In from SDotBeauty and Okra Winfrey conditioner from Sudsatorium. All these products are valued at a total of $67.

Also, with the exception of the Hair Tease rinse, I tried each of these products twice on my freshly washed 4B coils (and freshly washed skin, in the case of the body butter).

: 4/5

PROS: I was very interested in trying this tea rinse out, as using tea in this manner was a new concept to me. Afterward, my scalp felt rejuvenated, and the aroma of the herbs was invigorating.
CONS: It’s a bit of a process to prepare, and is messy to apply. Also, the ingredients only list “a proprietary blend of herbs,” but I’d be interested to know what exactly is going in to my hair.


PROS: The scent is simply divine. Trust me, it will be a challenge not to scoop some of this creamy goodness into you mouth. And it left my body moisturized all day long, including those ash-prone areas like my ankles and knees.
CON: It was slightly difficult to spread.


PROS: The product smells really good.
CONS: The gel was has a liquid-like consistency, unlike any other gel I’ve tried. I’m guessing that had something to do with it not giving a solid hold on my two-strand twist-out, which seriously lacked definition.


PROS: This is my favorite item included in the box. It smells amazing, and I can detect an almost lemony zip with each spritz. It left my hair looking healthy and moisturized. I also enjoy the fact that it can also be used on your body. Just one spray of this product and you’re feeling brand new.
CON: The bottle isn’t bigger.


PROS: It has a nice consistency: not too runny, not too thick. And it got the job done without leaving my hair greasy and/or weighed down.
CON: The results were just lackluster. Nothing really stands out good or bad.


PROS: It’s vegan and organic. The scent was a pleasant surprise, considering the green slimy veggie okra is its main ingredient. Lastly, it takes top prize for most creative name.
CONS: This product didn’t have much slip. I had to use a lot of it to work through my hair. There weren’t any directions included, so I just trusted my instincts and left it on my hair for two to three minutes. In the end, my hair just felt dry and brittle, which was unexpected.

Overall, I’m very grateful that I received this Natural Hair Box for free. I definitely will consider giving it a try in the coming months. Part of its beauty is trying unfamiliar products, which was really exciting.