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Outfit of the Day: Holly Jolly Christmas Shirt

January 3, 2017


This Outfit of the Day is as festive as they come! What you didn’t see is the week of hideously amusing Christmas sweaters that preceded this lovely and equally ugly Christmas button-down shirt.

See more of this kitschy and carefree look after the jump!

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Natural Hair Journey: Rope Crown on Marley Twists

October 21, 2013




One of my hair idols, Chescaleigh (Franchesca Ramsey), recently posted a rope crown tutorial on her YouTube channel that looked absolutely beautiful on her. She has lovely locs, but I thought I’d give the style a go on my waist-length Marley twists. After fidgeting around with the style for about 45 minutes, I finally got it to stick. While Chesca’s rope crown is regal and elegant, I think the style on my Marley twists was a bit bulky. I suppose that’s OK if I was looking to turn heads on a night out. However, this look may be a bit much for the work week.

What do you think of this style? Yea or nay?