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Wednesday Word

January 24, 2018

This Wednesday Word No. 100, spotted on Mess in a Bottle’s Instagram, is low key my mantra during this season, as I embark on my own “Year of Yes.”

First of all, this very feature represents something that I stepped out on back in February 2015. I had long wanted to include words of wisdom and encouragement on this blog on a more regular cadence, and “Wednesday Word” was the vehicle that I created for that purpose, after months of wondering in my mind how people would receive it or if it even made sense for my brand. Well, guess what: I’m all about encouraging and bringing joy to others, so I shouldn’t have even questioned if it was a fit for Ashley Adores. Plus, I make the rules here. LOL. I didn’t need approval from anyone to begin with. And here we are, 100 Wednesday Words in!

You’d be surprised how opportunities to live out your dreams and accomplish your goals come seemingly out of nowhere when your mindset shifts from “I should do X” or “It would be cool if Y happened,” to “I’m actually going to do Z and when I do, it will feel amazing.” God is up to something, for sure. For example, one of my goals for 2018 is to get a better grasp on my finances and knock down my debt. Then lo and behold, my church announced that it is offering a financial literacy course starting next month. Boom! A chance to really cross that item off my list.

What have you prolonged? What dream have you deferred? Sometimes a shift in mindset is all you need to accomplish your goals. So, no more shoulda, woulda, coulda. We’re making moves ’round here. To remix queen of the glow-up, Cardi B: I don’t slack now; I make power moves.© Now that’s a dope T-shirt in the making … You heard it here first!

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