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Found Objects: Murals in Long Beach and Venice

April 11, 2017

This Found Objects reminded me that there are perks to getting out and walking through the neighborhood. Click through the slideshow to see some of the pieces that caught my eye during recent sightings in Long Beach and Venice. Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it strolling because I was circling the streets of Long Beach in my car last Sunday looking for a parking spot. Thanks, Grand Prix, and all the tourists you bring to steal our already-scarce parking spaces. But I digress. Anyway, I finally found a spot a couple blocks away, not that far from one of my old haunts, The Stache. I seriously haven’t been to that bar for two years, which is crazy because it’s so close to my apartment. And despite countless times I’ve driven by, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the exterior got a new mural. I’m sure these hip calaveras are luring all the party people in. Meanwhile, in Venice, I legitimately was walking by and saw this piece with the stately Middle Eastern-looking gentleman. I’m not completely clear on what or what type of building it is (Is it an office space containing a massive cubicle farm or the home base of a small business? Inquiring minds want to know.). Either way, I tip my hat to the artist of this interesting piece. I really dig the contrast between the realistic painting of the man’s face and the plain line drawing, with Arabic script written off to the side. And apologies if it’s someone famous or significant that I should know. I discovered this last gem while walking and talking with a friend from work. We took a left turn down a street I hadn’t yet seen and were treated to this gigantic, colorful mural featuring a Chihuahua. Sassy, right?! I think I’ll get out more often, if not just for the fine scenery.

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Found Objects: Street Art in Long Beach

October 11, 2016

The street art that I spotted while recently gallivanting through Long Beach has been nothing short of amazing. Click through the slideshow to see some of the work that made me stop and smell the roses, so to speak. First up, the African girl gave me so much life! It was positioned right next to the massive alley mural I blogged about in the last Found Objects post, yet it was the true star. The subject just peers deep into your soul with her longing, mysterious eyes. She has a story to tell — that’s for sure. The piece with the boy looking through the window definitely made me do a double-take on first glance. It’s as if this larger-than-life kid is entranced by what he’s viewing on the other side of that wall. Lost in thought, he gazes with his hand propping up his pants. Meanwhile, down at the Del Amo Swapmeet is this dope mural celebrating the lives of two of hip-hop’s royalty: the late Nate Dogg and Eazy E.

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Found Objects: Hidden Alleyway Mural in Downtown Long Beach

September 27, 2016

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love Long Beach! My city’s got so much style and flair and plenty of found objects to be discovered, it’s too good to be true at times. OK, let me explain. I was taking a brief but fast-paced stroll in my neighborhood on Saturday morning, headed to the Enterprise Rental Car office on Ocean Boulevard. Long story short, my car gets finicky when I drive it long distances and I needed to get my rental car as soon as possible to drive to my mom’s house in Menifee, drop off my dog, start a load of laundry, change clothes, put on some makeup, drive down to San Diego, pick up my bestie from her dad’s house and make it to my friend Glaiza’s wedding at 2 p.m. that same day. A lot was going on and my mind was racing thinking about all the running around that awaited. As I approached the opening in the alleyway, I looked left-right-left — as I’ve had many a close call with speeding cars zipping through the narrow passageways — only to be stopped in my tracks by a glorious, vibrant, artistic sight. I got an eyeful of one of Dave Van Patten’s newest murals, and all I could do was stop and drink it in. The brotha rocking a serious high-top, Honest Abe Lincoln, the guy rocking a red mullet AND a unicorn horn, the mysterious caped crusader, the punk-rock diva sporting a spiky mohawk, the regal walrus with the monocle and my fave — the sista rocking her natural hair with the confidence that is the epitome of black girl magic (I see a little bit of myself in her, clearly). Click through the slideshow to see the mural in detail! I love that the piece represents people and creatures from all walks of life. It was a sweet reprieve from all the madness, and the whimsy of it all made me smile. I implore you to get out in your neighborhood on foot. Who knows what hidden gems you’ll happen upon.

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Found Objects: Street Art from NorCal and SoCal

August 9, 2016

James Reka, I like your style. That’s the uber-talented Australian artist behind the first of three Found Objects in this mini Cali street art round-up. My bestie and I set off on foot for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art last month, and along the way, I became transfixed by the vibrant, giant peace sign beckoning me to have a moment of zen from on high. I’m a huge fan of the use of color and the minute details, such as what appears to be an eye on the thumb nail.

See the other pieces that I happened upon in SoCal after the jump!

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Found Objects: Things Spotted Out in These Streets — Highland Park and Long Beach Edition

April 14, 2016

This Found Objects features some of the sights that I happened upon while out in the lively streets of Highland Park and Long Beach. Confession: This was the first time I’d ever set foot in that neighborhood, which is super close to Eagle Rock. I was out that way for a paper sale. Nerd alert! One of the designers I follow on Instagram was having a sample sale, so my mom, who also is a paper enthusiast (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!), came to visit so we could get some steals. We did, but the sale was way smaller than we expected so we had nothing but time on our hands. We walked York Boulevard and were bombarded with interesting visuals. My favorite was the “Gremlins” mural tucked away in an alleyway so secluded that you could miss it if your head was in your phone. Meanwhile, in Long Beach, I spotted this vibrant melting ice cream cone and another sidewalk sign that made me chuckle. Click through the slideshow to see all the gems.

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