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January 27, 2016


Nothing like a laugh to make you feel alive and loved. As you know, laughter is the best medicine, and I try my best to laugh as much as possible. Shout out to my friends, family, colleagues, Instagram and Snapchat for making this happen on the regs. Yesterday I had the good fortune of hanging with my bestie in the westie, Yvette, who’s in town for a work somethingorother, and, yes, there were ample amounts of laughter shared. I’m talking hearty guffaws and unwieldy cackles, y’all! We hung out at the Urban Light installation outside of LACMA, which was a first for Vetty. We took in the beauty of the immaculately crafted lampposts and appreciated their intricacies for about two minutes, and the rest of the time we were Snapchatting away (Shameless plug: Follow me on Snapchat; my username is “ashleyadores”), filming a 10-second horror film in which I look terrified trying to flee an unseen lurker and Yvette doing a rather impressive interpretive dance to “Choices” by E-40. It’s silly but it was so crucial. May this Wednesday Word No. 51, courtesy of Quotesgram and spoken by the iconic Audrey Hepburn, remind you that laughter is vital to your health, so go out there and get your daily dose. I just had an epiphany: Laughter is like gummy vitamins. You really only need one good one to do the trick, but surely two or three can’t hurt!

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Wednesday Word

April 1, 2015


As you probably know by now, it’s April Fools Day. Whether you’re the victim of an elaborate prank or are the administrator of said hijinks, I hope you’re able to laugh at the whatever shenanigans come your way today. This Wednesday Word No. 8 is a reminder of the wonders of laughter from the late great comedian Milton Burle. A good chuckle can transport you miles away from your troubles, if only for a moment. It’s true–laughter is the best medicine, so make sure to get a healthy dose of it.

Out and About: Animal Style in Pacific Palisades

September 8, 2014


My guy and I had a wild time — literally and figuratively — yesterday at his company’s family and friends day at a property in Pacific Palisades, Calif. We were treated to a Tommy’s food truck, a magic show and other excitements, but the petting zoo was the highlight for me, by far.


How could your heart not melt for these sweet faces?


But don’t let that fool you. This horned fella was rambunctious and later head-butted an unassuming sheep for no reason at all. Totes McGotes out of control!

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Out and About: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

July 22, 2014

I can never pass up the chance to run wild in my hometown, sunny San Diego, California. I had the opportunity to do so last week when my family visited the Safari Park, which was a first for me. I liked it better than the world-famous San Diego Zoo (blasphemous, I know) because it was closer to my home and had all the animals I love.


This loony look of sheer delight didn’t leave my face while we were there.

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Out and About: Broccoli City Festival

May 6, 2014

If last Saturday was any indication of the summer fun that lies ahead, I need to brace myself for a wild one! My gals from the Bay Area came down for the Broccoli City Festival, where the now grown-and-sexy (and newly liberated from her crazy record contract) JoJo was headlining. Overall, we had a great, low-key time.


But first a full-body shot. A crop top, breezy high-low skirt and sandals were in order to brave the 90-degree scorcher.


Me and the bestie boo.


Adventure ahead.
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Outfit of the Day: The Price Is Right

January 21, 2014





“Strength and dignity are her clothing, And she smiles at the future.” Proverbs 31:25

My pal, Zita, is new to Los Angeles and has been wanting to go on “The Price Is Right” literally since 1989. Well, last week we crossed that off our respective bucket lists as we made our way over to CBS Studios to go on the popular game show. Spoiler alert: We didn’t make it on. However, we did have an awesome time and made some memories that will last a lifetime! I went wacky and cute for my outfit, and made a shirt that says, “HIRE ME,” on the front and “PLEASE AND THANK YOU” on the back. Being that I’m currently seeking work, I thought I’d milk it for the producers. And the silly glasses were a shout out to the show’s host, Drew Carey. Overall, the outfit was a crowd-pleaser and I received many compliments. Tune in to “The Price Is Right” March 12 to catch a glimpse of Zita and I (we’re seated in the second row to the right)!

Shirt: Del Amo Swapmeet
Skinny Jeans: H&M
Oxford Shoes: Miss Me?
Glasses: Del Amo Swapmeet
Scarf: Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, Calif.

Photographer: Zita D.

Outfit of the Day: Creative Color for Brunch and Boards

January 13, 2014









“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

This past weekend I went to a vision board party at a park in Los Angeles, hosted by my good friend Zita. In preparation for the event, I decided to channel all my creativity and positive energy by wearing a brightly hued ensemble. I started with the loud and shiny scarf that I got from Portugal and chose to highlight the yellow and red colors via my top and sneakers. What a lovely time we had, feasting on brunch treats and pouring through magazines for inspiration to place on our boards. It also was a therapy session of sorts as we talked careers, romance, religion and much more. And there was ample laughter and Zita’s legendary frittatas! Yum! It was wonderful to be outdoors with the sun shining down on us, and to have the opportunity to hang out with old friends and meet some new ones.

Sweater: Thrifted
Jeans: C’est Toi Jeans
Shoes: Converse
Hooded Sweater: Forever 21, with heart patch added by Ayesha
Scarf: Portugal

Photographer: Zita D.

P.S. Kudos to me on this, my 200th post!

2013/2014: The Transition

January 1, 2014

On the last day of 2013, I chose to spend the day doing the things I love with someone who means a lot to me, the boo-ski. It was strange in that I knew it was the last day of me officially having a job (found out I was getting laid off the second week in December), but at the same time I was eager and optimistic for the changes that are afoot.

Around mid-morning we took a short drive to the neighborhood record store Fingerprints and got a tasty morsel from the adjoining café. It was great to be among the stacks of crates and digging for vinyl, a favorite activity for my boo, who is a DJ, and I. Seriously, the discount bins never disappoint.


Here he is testing out some records with the handy Crosley portable turntable I got him for Christmas.


Of course I had to take a listen, too.



Let’s just say, your girl was en fuego. I helped my boo find some gems. Granted I was drawn in mostly by the album art, but I knew there was something promising about them. Some great dancey jams!


Later that night, we put on our fancy party clothes for our low-key New Year’s Eve celebration at home. Really, there was no place I’d rather be. (Stay tuned for this “Outfit of the Night” post).


We cooked together. I marinated these delicious New York strip steaks and the boo pan seared them to perfection. So good!


It was a lovely way to close out 2013. In the morning, I made a point of praising God for bringing me into 2014, and was anxious to go through my (Count Your) Blessings Jar and reflect on all the ways that He came through for me last year. To recap, throughout last year, I would make a record of the ways I felt God’s favor upon my life and place it in the jar.


And I’m so glad that I did! Things that I had completely forgotten about were brought back to remembrance, some tiny, some huge. About nine notes in, I had burst into tears, overcome by God’s faithfulness.


I stacked the notes on top of each other and, quite symbolically, they began to spill all over the place. Just like the Father’s overflowing grace, mercy, love and compassion for us all. When I was done, I clipped them together. It will be nice to go through them in tough times, gloomy days, or when I feel sad or uninspired.


And to get ahold of my fleeting thoughts and ambitions for the new year, I jotted a few of them down in my journal. I made a list for general goals for the year and composed a more defined list of targets for this current season (being a free agent and plotting my next career move) on a sticky note.


There is so much I look forward to this year. This will be my entry into my thirties (holding on tightly to what remains of 29, haha), and hopefully a time marked by new opportunities and plenty of abundance, joy, laughter and, most importantly, LOVE.

I wish you all the same for 2014!


Travel Log: The Bay Area, 3/15 – 3/17

March 18, 2013

A piece of my heart resides in the Bay Area. Her name is Yvette, and she’s the best friend a girl could ever ask for.


I really don’t need an excuse to visit the Bay (I love it that much), but this past weekend we celebrated Yvette’s birthday, and it was nonstop fun from the moment I got off the airplane. Here are a few snapshots from the journey.


“Off the Grid” at the Oakland Museum of California. Run, don’t walk. It’s a one-stop wonderland where hipsters, well-dressed toddlers and food truck connoisseurs convene to mingle, converse, eat, dance to live music and explore the exhibits. I couldn’t have asked for better company than Sierra and Yvette (SAY Love Crew).



Once inside the museum, we ran wild trying all the many interactive features the venue had to offer — my favorite being the “Foley” sound studio, where we provided the sound effects to black-and-white features from the 1940s using various props.








“Fun” doesn’t even begin to convey how much we enjoyed the museum.


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