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Found Objects: Street Art in DTLA, Mar Vista and Hollywood

March 3, 2015


This is a collection of the street art I’ve happened upon while out and about throughout the City of Angels. From Downtown L.A. to Mar Vista, to Hollywood, these pieces beckon to be seen as unusual among the usual. In each of these instances, what I discovered caused me to take pause and appreciate the view.

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Found Objects: Downtown Long Beach Street Art, Part Deux

February 18, 2014







I love my city. It brings me such joy discovering new murals and small tags along the streets. These are some of the latest pieces my eyes have spied during a jaunt with my pal, Linda, and while walking the ever-rambunctious Berkeley Buster DeVoe. Long Beach, keep giving me visual inspiration and pleasant surprises and I’ll have to stay a while. Tee hee!

Found Objects: Downtown Long Beach Street Art

December 16, 2013






Just strolling through the neighborhood, I happened upon some pretty awesome pieces of street art. The first can be found on Fourth Street at Linden Avenue, up the street from Fingerprints record store. The others were spotted at various walls along Pine Avenue. I’m looking forward to discovering some vibrant, fascinating pieces while in Spain and Portugal. Stay tuned!

Found Objects: Hearts of the City

August 28, 2013


From guerrilla engravings along the pavement, to quaint bike racks and vibrant window displays, hearts have been on my radar as of late. Oh how I heart Long Beach.

Found Objects: City Utility Box Art

August 7, 2013





I love finding beauty in the most ordinary, mundane things. Take for instance these City of Long Beach utility boxes — nothing special by any stretch of the imagination. Or are they? These are just a few of many throughout my city that have given me pause. They’re bright, vibrant and intriguing. And they just put a smile on my face. I wonder if others have taken notice of these functional works of art.