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Thrifted Thursday: Great Home Decor (And More) While Window Shopping on Retro Row, Long Beach

May 12, 2016

Retro Row, I just can’t quit you! This Thrifted Thursday chronicles yet another jaunt down Retro Row in my city — this time capturing some sweet pieces of home decor I spotted. Click through the slideshow to see all the finds that spoke to me that day. Most of them were one-of-a-kind gems, which, of course, are my jam. Take for instance this cookie jar. I love that it has the qualifier of “today” on it. Have a happy day? I get the sentiment, but when you add “today,” it makes it feel personal. This piece would fit nicely on a shelf in a mud room, a place that you pass through daily to appreciate its charm. Call me crazy, but I’m a fan of taxidermy insects and butterflies. The one pictured in this slideshow may even be dipping into moth territory. Anyway, it’s a beautiful piece that highlights a beautiful creature. Perhaps the most nonconventional piece in this post is the bowl of matchbooks. Clearly, this is a means for this particular thrift shop — Retroda: Past and Present — to store its expansive collection. But when you step back and look at it, this could be a fun design element for any living space. Place a bowl full of matchbooks on top of a coffee table, and add a few candles of varying heights. Boom! Statement piece. And then there’s the framed business cards of historical women figures throughout the ages (#girlpower!), which could also get visitors talking, as well as the vintage framed artwork. I live for it!

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Fancy Things Friday

June 7, 2013


1. I like the artiness and functionality afforded by this Pulpo Drop XL wall accessory. This would come in handy as a hanger for my shoulder-strap purses in my dressing room/office. (

2. These Keith Haring Classic Leather Mid Lux Sneaker in White, Black, & Techy Red by Reebok exude dopeness and are a creative way to pay homage to a man considered one of the first street artists. Plus, they make me think of summer, and we all know how much I’m looking forward to the best season of them all. (

3. Scarves, turbans and bandanas have long been a staple accessory when styling my locks. I think I’m gonna have to add this Reversible Vintage Inspired Retro Hair Bow Scarf from DouxRags to my collection. I appreciate the attention to detail with the neon orange on one side and graffiti script on the other. (

4. This week Instagram introduced me to PBC Closet, which has too many must-have pieces than I have time to prioritize in order of which I’d rock first. For starters, however, I really wish I owned this “Kendall” Gold & Rhinestone Long Necklace. (

5. Since going natural, I’ve been impressed by how many clothing lines exist that are designed by naturals for naturals. Yes, we’re a special breed and we need a little inspiration and encouragement on our hair journeys every now and then. Miss Charmsie has “Team Natural” covered with this BADD Hair Day tank in mint. (

Thrifted: “Sitting Duck” Painting

December 16, 2012


This past Friday some friends and I popped tags at the local thrift stores. I scored this gem for $6, marked half off no less, at the Assistance League thrift shop on 4th Street here in the LBC.

I had to cop it because I love a play on words (or, in this case, a literal depiction of the “sitting duck” idiom, which means an easy or vulnerable target) and it matches the color scheme of my living room.

Upon further research, I discovered that this was kind of a big deal after Michael Bedard painted this, among a series of lithographs, back in the late 1970s. It has since been reimagined as a TV series, book and toys. Surprisingly, I Googled it and found that someone was selling this same exact painting on eBay for nearly $300. I came up!