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Out and About: Brushstrokes and Beverages

April 28, 2014

There’s nothing like a little paint, canvas and wine to help you wind down. Last week I flexed my artistic muscles at a Brushstrokes and Beverages painting class, held right around the corner from my apartment at Utopia. Alongside my trusty sidekick, Zita, we created some “Abstract Flowers” masterpieces.


It all started with a blank canvas, some acrylic paint and a brief introduction.



Soon enough, the piece was taking shape.



In two hours’ time, I was done with this work of art. Not too shabby, if I can say so myself.

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They Call Us Mellow Yellow

March 25, 2014



Guess who started playing softball again. That would be me! Some of you may know that I used to play softball in a community league in high school (Shout out to The Ruff Ryders!). I’m a bit rusty, seeing how that was more than a decade ago, but I’m excited about playing intramural softball through Zog Sports LA. My first game with my “extremely casual” team, The Mellow Yellows, was this past Sunday. Aside from getting a gnarly bruise on my leg, I had a blast getting back in the swing of things and hanging out at the happy hour afterward. I look forward to spending Sunday nights with old friends (Zita and Shannon), making new ones, being active and possibly even getting a few “Ws” under our belt. Play ball!