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Photo of the Week No. 40: “Love on Top”

October 3, 2018

This Photo of the Week was captured a couple of months ago while I was strolling through my boy bestie’s neighborhood. The meaning behind title of this image is quite obvious: “Love” is literally on top of the coffee shop in that lovely shade of red. And of course, Beyoncé’s jam of the same name comes to mind. I also think about the notion of love always coming out on top. Consider the location. This photo was taken in West Hollywood, where a large population of our LGBTQ neighbors live. I’m reminded of how much strife this community faces for simply loving who they do. In any event, I hope you’re feeling the love as you read this!

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Found Objects: Street Art from NorCal and SoCal

August 9, 2016

James Reka, I like your style. That’s the uber-talented Australian artist behind the first of three Found Objects in this mini Cali street art round-up. My bestie and I set off on foot for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art last month, and along the way, I became transfixed by the vibrant, giant peace sign beckoning me to have a moment of zen from on high. I’m a huge fan of the use of color and the minute details, such as what appears to be an eye on the thumb nail.

See the other pieces that I happened upon in SoCal after the jump!

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Found Objects: Street Art in DTLA, Mar Vista and Hollywood

March 3, 2015


This is a collection of the street art I’ve happened upon while out and about throughout the City of Angels. From Downtown L.A. to Mar Vista, to Hollywood, these pieces beckon to be seen as unusual among the usual. In each of these instances, what I discovered caused me to take pause and appreciate the view.

See more of these murals, up close and personal, after the jump!
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Found Objects: Downtown Long Beach Street Art, Part Deux

February 18, 2014







I love my city. It brings me such joy discovering new murals and small tags along the streets. These are some of the latest pieces my eyes have spied during a jaunt with my pal, Linda, and while walking the ever-rambunctious Berkeley Buster DeVoe. Long Beach, keep giving me visual inspiration and pleasant surprises and I’ll have to stay a while. Tee hee!