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Ashley Adores’ Favorite Things: Philanthropy Fashion’s Springtime Pieces

December 23, 2014

Talk about generous! Philanthropy Fashion gives 100% of all online sales to charity, donating to organizations in Uganda, Southern Sudan, and Haiti. Established in 2007, the locally owned Christian boutique has pledged $500,000 to designated causes, such as Hands and Feet in Haiti, which provides support for orphans and abandoned children. However, the causes Philanthropy endorses range from building quality affordable housing in Franklin, Tennessee, to bridging friendships and building community between homeless and non-homeless in Athens, Georgia.

“Philanthropy opened … with the belief that a business built around charitable works and grounded in Christ could make a difference in the world,” its website reads. “We opened as a platform for our customers to make a difference. By carrying a variety of fashion forward clothes and accessories that are perfect for the modern woman, we strive to keep our customers consciously and compassionately stylish.”

Now that we’ve covered the philanthropy component, let’s get into the fashion! Philanthropy has ample casual dresses, skirts and scarfs, and as such, it was hard choosing which pair of items to feature.

This Carnival Flare Dress already has me dreaming of springtime. I’m digging the pattern made with the coral accent stitch work and neutral base.


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Ashley Adores’ Favorite Things: Light Gives Heat Accessories

December 16, 2014

From its inception, Light Gives Heat has offered incomes for widows affected by the war in the northern part of Uganda, for the goods and wares that they handcraft. In turn, Light Gives Heat curates and produces media, products and, ultimately, movements that create a sense of hope for the future and builds an understanding that people all around the planet are using their creativity to make the world a better place.

“So for the past eight years we’ve offered incomes to over 120 families, week in and week out in Uganda. But … my real passion is to tell those stories through the relationships we build and see how they inspire people to live differently in America,” Dave Hansow, Light Gives Heat founder, told blogger Nathan Salley.

From repurposed bags made from saris in India to hand-painted, beaded headbands from Thailand, Light Gives Heat sells an array of wearables made by artisans in the third world.


These Rosettes are handcrafted in Haiti by braiding recycled cotton and coiling into delightfully colorful disks. Each Rosette comes with an alligator clip, allowing you to spice up your life by adding it to shoes, hats, belts, bags, headbands and baskets.

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