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Hanging It Up: Saying Goodbye to Some of My Favorite Pieces

February 1, 2016

As you know, I’m an avid thrifter, which means that my closet is constantly expanding. Plus, I never throw anything away because why? Surely it’ll be back in style again and/or it’s a timeless classic that has no expiration date. I love all my pieces, but things were getting out of hand. I mean, clothes were everywhere in my room, bringing clutter to a space that should be serene and clean. So something had to give. I knew what I needed to do but it took my bestie stopping short of throwing all my clothes into garbage bags for me to finally start purging my closet. Even still it’s hard to process. This past weekend I donated several pieces to my local Salvation Army. Because parting is such sweet sorrow, I had to pause to remember some of my favorite items that I had to let go. See what they are after the jump!

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Out and About: ’90s Party in Oakland

March 26, 2015

The ’90s called last weekend and I was so bout it-bout it! So I flew to Oakland and put on my “Damn Gina” tank, leopard-print stretch pants, high-top Pony sneakers and some door-knockers (it pays to be a pack rat!) — it was all to celebrate my pals Yvette and Thomas’ birthdays.

Guys, the party was all that AND a bag of chips! I mean, no detail was spared, thanks to our lovely hostess, Edwina, who opened her stupid phat crib up to her home skillets, who proudly rocked acid wash denim, floral prints, overalls and shortalls, candy necklaces, chokers, flannels, high tops, glows-tick necklaces, crazy patterns and at least one commendable tail. I’m talking Ring Pops, Fun Dip, Jolly Ranchers, brown liquor in red party cups, a bangin’ playlist that included Snow’s “Informer,” ‘NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” and E40’s “Sprinkle Me,” and everything in between. Seriously da bomb!

You’re not gonna believe this, but special guests included a Fly Girl (from “In Living Color” — duh!), Sidney (a.k.a. Wesley Snipes from White Men Can’t Jump), Da Brat, LL Cool J, Lisa Turtle, Kelly Kapowski, Blossom, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and bourgie cousin Hillary, and Carlton. Oh, and figure skater Nancy Kerrigan and her nemesis Tonya Harding made quite an appearance — lots of “oh snaps!” were heard when they entered the building.

I love a theme party and was geeked to see all the homies fully commit to it. I already miss by Bay Area boos, but I’m glad I have these photos and crazy memories to remind me of this glorious time. On that note, I’m outtie 5000!

Thanks to Yvette and Crystal for these amazing photos, and a major shout out to Edwina and Thomas for making THE dopest ’90s party happen.