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Photo of the Week No. 48: “Heavy on the Chocolate”

December 1, 2018

I’ve been thinking back to a special cup of hot chocolate that warmed my soul during a jaunt in San Francisco, since the past few days have been on the chilly side. It’s the star of this Photo of the Week. Funny story. My pals and I were at AfroTech early one morning last month and in need of a pick-me-up, so we hopped into an Uber in search of breakfast treats. We literally circled the block and ended up at the tiniest coffee shop, Dynamo Donut & Coffee, at Little Marina Green. It was so small we even questioned if it was an actual business. Thankfully, it was. But, honestly, we could have walked there in three minutes. It took us longer to drive. Bless our driver’s heart for accepting the ride and not judging us. LOL. But it all was worth it because the cup of hot chocolate that I ordered — heavy on the chocolate — was everything and more. Plus, it was pretty to look at. Shout out to the barista for complying with my ridiculous request and kicking a plain ol’ cup of cocoa up several notches. Never mind the word “Dirty” lurking in the background.

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