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Fancy Things Friday

September 5, 2014


1. These aren’t your childhood temporary tattoos. Oh, no. These are luxury temporary tattoos, if there is such a thing. Flash Tattoo’s Child of Wild set has a regal yet edgy flair. Egyptian lover indeed. (

2. Thug Life Shirts ain’t never lied with its Wish I Was Full of Pizza tee. It’s just one of them days that a girl goes through — right, Monica? (

3. I would dare to wear white after Labor Day for this Cloud Wave Dress — without any qualms, either. An added bonus is the cutout at the back. Boom shaka laka! (

4. All aboard the mystery train. Next stop, this awesome Mystery Train Black And Cream Print Purse! There’s no telling all the treasure that you can hide inside this spacious canvas bag. Oh, and the zigzags. They’re perfect! (

5. Take a walk on the wild side while looking prim and proper in these Striped Matching Separates. Subtle embellishments, like the zipper pockets, are strictly for those who recognize a finely crafted textile when they see one. Well played, Pixie Market. Well played. (

Outfit of the Day: Kissed by Some Rose With the Grey

September 2, 2014







“Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.” Psalm 36:5

I awoke to a bit of cloud cover and gloom one recent morning, thinking we would get some sort of reprieve from the ultra hot days we were having in L.A. That lasted all of an hour, but to celebrate the momentary temperature change, I wore my favorite Urban Outfitters dress with the little cloud embellishments and the sassy cutout back. I’m a huge fan of the pattern, as well. I haven’t seen anything quite like it. Anyway, I’m still grateful for these warm days because before I know it, it will be fall.

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Forever 21
Flats: Target
Earrings: Forever 21

Photographer: Dash

Fancy Things Friday

July 18, 2014


1. Bap! Kapow! Zzzzzwap! That’s what comes to mind when I see this powerful Acid Trekkie Collar necklace. Kinda reminds me of those zany sound effects from the original “Batman” TV show. I know you see it, too! (

2. This Snake Panel Cross Body Bag with Square Lock is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. Drink it in. (

3. Singing “Oh! Oh, Sheila! Let me love you till the morning comes” is protocol when you’re wearing these sassy Sheila heels in Snow Dark Seafoam. (

4. Pattern on pattern never looked as lovely as it does in this très chic Thebe Romper from Anthropologie. The bow-tie waist gives it an extra dose of darling. (

5. No need to be blue when you’ve got black brushstrokes all over this Sweet Jane Dress. (

Outfit of the Day: Darling Day Dress

July 16, 2014




“By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” Proverbs 24:3,4

On a recent Sunday afternoon I visited my friend Sierra’s house in Richmond, California. I loved how much space she had and the backyard — overgrown foliage and all — which made for an awesome backdrop for this mini photo shoot in which I rocked some of my birthday gifts given to me by my bestie, Yvette. The sun was shining and the laughter was in abundance, as we enjoyed a small but tasty barbecue and grapefruit beer. It was a great day.

Dress: Gifted (Roxy)
Heels: Thrifted
Earrings: Gifted (Francesca’s)

Photographer: Crystal

Fancy Things Friday

May 23, 2014


1. I saw this Lucid Choker in Gold With Sodalite and immediately thought, “I’m so fancy/Can’t you taste this gold?/Remember my name/’Bout to blow,” a la Iggy Azalea’s song of the moment. ♬♪ (

2. I’ve got nothing but love for this dainty and delicate XO Gold Ring. Hugs and kisses, my darlings! (

3. This Atlantis Cape is giving me Sherlock Holmes, in the most feminine, extravagant sense of the name, of course. (

4. Pair this marvelous Aqua Mesh Pleat Maxi Skirt with a crop top and you’re ready to turn heads wherever you go, be it a garden party or a poolside rager. Keep it classy! (

5. Show ’em what you got with this Lulus exclusive All Good Things Strapless Blush Pink Dress. That won’t be hard at all with the deep V sweetheart neckline. Wink, wink. (

Fancy Things Friday

April 25, 2014


1. What a sight for sweet eyes these Ella’s sunglasses make! I say bring on the sunshine and mimosas, ’cause it’s about to be a party when you’re wearing these show-stoppers. (

2. The Rosebud Chain Pendant is a little bit of thug and a little bit of flower child, and I’m not mad at all! (

3. We meet again, polka dots. How could a gal resist this White Polka Dot Skater Skirt, with all its whimsical daintiness? (

4. Forget about milkshakes. This Full Chic Ahead Navy Blue Dress will bring all the boys to the yard saying, “Va, va, va, voom!” This LuLu’s exclusive bodycon number is here to turn heads with its soft sheen and daring triangular cutout. (

5. Worn separately or as a set, these Brushstroke Matching Separates are a definite go. Even better, you essentially get to paint the town red in two outfits for the price of one — a crop top and a high-waist flared skirt (and the boundless styling possibilities that come with both them). (

Outfit of the Night: Werkin’ It at the Wedding

March 10, 2014





“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.” Ecclesiastes 4:9

This past Saturday I was honored to attend the wedding of my friends Aileen and Jonathan. For this occasion, I decided to recycle a saucy evening outfit comprised mostly of great pieces from Forever 21. I added the sash to bring some drama and to coordinate with the black accessories I wore. I enjoy the pop of magenta on the skirt of the dress, and the grey up top helped tone down the piece. Overall, I had a lovely time celebrating Ai and Jon’s wedded bliss in style. Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Garcia!

Overcoat: Gifted (Forever 21)
Dress: Forever 21
Sash: Added from an old Forever 21 skirt
Earrings: Forever 21
Heels: Anne Michelle
Purse: Thrifted

Photographer: Dash