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Thrifted Thursday: (Window Shopping) Housewares from Warehouse 1333, Long Beach

April 3, 2014

One of my favorite consignment shops in the area is Warehouse 1333. Each time I go in there I fall in love with the randomest of items, from doors to antique jars. It’s a great place to get design inspiration as well. Take a look at some of the goods and wares I found during a recent trip.


This night stand would be at home in my bedroom.


Like clockwork I found this darling vintage Seiko world clock.


I’ve always wanted a butterfly taxidermy collection to hang up. Random, I know.


There’s so many fun design things you could do with these bird cages. Centerpieces. Chandeliers. Don’t get me started!


I’ll gladly take everything on this shelf. Please and thank you.


This too.


The blue jars caught my eye, and I like the way an old book or two can bring depth to a simple space.


I’m going to need to invest in some spools of yarn. And the chess pieces in a glass was a novel concept.


The juxtaposition of glass and ceramics is so fancy.


Old luggage is something I will invest in for updating a space in my place.

Thrifted Thursday: Miscellaneous Records from Treasure Hunt, Long Beach

September 19, 2013



Guys, I may be in need of an intervention. It appears that I’m addicted to records with awesome cover art. Last week I stumbled onto a handful of records at Treasure Hunt that I couldn’t resist taking home. The include Never Say Uncle by The Fabulous Joe and Herb, Music from Mr. Lucky composed and conducted by Henry Mancini, Bobby Caldwell (What You Won’t Do For Love) by Bobby Caldwell and Walk Like the Animals by Georgiana Liccione Stewart.

I may play these albums on my vintage Magnavox console record player, but more likely I’ll frame them and use as wall art. It was my lucky day, being that the records — originally $1 each — were half off. Fifty cents for some well- preserved vinyl? Can’t beat that!

Total: $2.18

Design Inspiration: L.A. Apartment Hunting

September 5, 2013


I recently accompanied a friend while apartment hunting in the Culver City and Miracle Mile neighborhoods of Los Angeles and was completely smitten by the staging furniture in one of the studios. From the lime green accent wall and paintings of various bridges across the globe, to the cup of wooden colored pencils and decorative straw balls, these quirky little design elements made the space inviting.

And I think the aesthetics helped seal the deal. I’m happy to report that my friend now has a place to live. Welcome to L.A., Zita!

Design Inspiration: Downtown Fullerton Shops

July 22, 2013


This past Friday I had a wonderful excursion thrifting and window shopping in Downtown Fullerton. ModTex had these fancy suitcases on display, while Oh, Hello Friend made use of player piano rolls in a unique way. All in all a great day to be inspired.

P.S. Thanks to the boo wop for snapping a couple pics for me.

Fancy Things Friday

July 19, 2013


1. QuellyRue Designs has won me over yet again with its Asantewaa: Warrior Queen Earrings, as the site says, an “ode to the mere woman who fought against the cannon gun.” I’m really loving the spikes juxtaposed with the kente fabric. Absolutely fierce! (

2. This Menu Dropp!! Fruit Bowl in Deep Red would ensure that I have fresh fruit on hand at all times. (

3. Sometimes you have to let them in on the secret. This mermaid tank is all kinds of fun. (

4. I recently got hip to Vision Street Wear and I fully support these Canvas Hi-Leopard kicks. Rawwrr! (

5. If Bill Cosby was a pair of socks, he’d be these bad boys. So colorful. So ’80s. I love! (

Thrifted Thursday: (Window Shopping) Chairs and a Cabinet from Treasure Hunt, Long Beach

June 6, 2013

More often than not while at a thrift shop I find myself looking at furniture and fixtures, as if I have a mansion that needs furnishing. I don’t, so I’m just forced to daydream about all the lovely vintage and antique finds, a.k.a. window shop. Here are a few of the pieces I wished I could take home.


I love a tufted piece. And that pale pink is such a wonderful color.


If I didn’t have a built-in armoire at my apartment, this guy would be perfect for my dining room.


Nice wicker back on this chair! And the shape? Beautiful.

Thrifted Thursday: Standing Globe from Goodwill, Santa Ana

May 23, 2013






I’ve wanted a floor-standing world globe since forever ago, but every time I found one it was way out of my price range. That was all remedied when I stumbled upon this standing globe ($14.99), proving that, indeed, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure as I was the recipient of many an envious glance from fellow shoppers. I love that this rare piece livens up any interior space. Now I have to find the perfect location for it around my place. Challenge accepted!

Grand total: $14.99

Thrifted Thursday: Blouses and Books from Treasure Hunt, Long Beach

May 16, 2013


Treasure Hunt in Long Beach never disappoints. Whether it’s a nice retro dress or a piece of reasonably priced furniture, I can never leave empty-handed. My last shopping trip was no exception. This blue secretary blouse with the ascot neck tie (originally $5 but $3.75 with the 25-percent discount) made my day.


This black and white number may look familiar. Yes, I rocked this one in a recent “Outfit of the Day.” The triple-layered collar? Amazing! This was the same deal: originally $5 but $3.75 with the 25-percent discount.


I’m a sucker for a nice hard-bound book, and I was lucky enough to come across some classics — For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway and Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe — as well as some cool coffee table books about the great cities of San Francisco and New York. And there was an L.A. Times book about the 1984 Olympic Games (shout out to all the ’80s babies!).


All books were 50 percent off that day, so they were only $1 each.


I plan to do some sort of DIY/interior design project with these books. When it’s done you will be the first to know!



And last but not least, I found this darling framed Bible verse ($2.50). I hung it right by my staircase as a reminder that God is with me in my coming and going. Love that guy!

Grand total: $16.35

Fancy Things Friday

May 10, 2013


1. I just got hip to One Kings Lane and became enamored by this vibrant Peacock 16×16 Pillow from THRO. The site is chock full of items to spruce up your living space, and is great for interior design ideas. (

2. Don’t these palazzo pants from Zara look super comfy? And the deep blue color is beautiful, regal even. (

3. NCLA has the nail wrap game on lock! There are so many to choose from, including a few collaboration sets with designer extraordinaire Melody Ehsani, but these Art Deco joints right here did it for me. (

4. The colors from this snazzy LuLus Dessert Storm clutch make me want to drink cocktails poolside. (

5. I’ve taken inventory of my shoe collection and seen that noticeably absent is a functional warm-weather sandal that can be dressed up or down. These Studded Ghillie Wedge Sandals from Charlotte Russe fit the bill. And even better, there’s an online buy-one-get-one-for-$10 sale. Happy browsing! (