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Hanging It Up: Saying Goodbye to Some of My Favorite Pieces

February 1, 2016

As you know, I’m an avid thrifter, which means that my closet is constantly expanding. Plus, I never throw anything away because why? Surely it’ll be back in style again and/or it’s a timeless classic that has no expiration date. I love all my pieces, but things were getting out of hand. I mean, clothes were everywhere in my room, bringing clutter to a space that should be serene and clean. So something had to give. I knew what I needed to do but it took my bestie stopping short of throwing all my clothes into garbage bags for me to finally start purging my closet. Even still it’s hard to process. This past weekend I donated several pieces to my local Salvation Army. Because parting is such sweet sorrow, I had to pause to remember some of my favorite items that I had to let go. See what they are after the jump!

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Thrifted Thursday: Leopard-Print Blazer from Buffalo Exchange, Fullerton

August 1, 2013



Buffalo Exchange has the reputation of being a purveyor of trendy, quality clothes but at a higher price than most thrift stores, which isn’t a deterrent when you find something that’s worth it. When I made my way to the rack of jackets, I locked eyes with this nicely constructed leopard-print blazer ($13) from Hommage and knew it would be mine. This surely will make its way into my “night on the town” wardrobe rotation!

Grand total: $13