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Fancy Things Friday

January 15, 2016

Get into another batch of must-have goods and wares in this week’s Fancy Things Friday:

1. Life is but a dream and dreams sure do come true. This White T-Shirt With In My Dreams Print is quite charming and, dare I say, dreamy. The perfect casual top for the daydream believer in us all. (

2. This Craig Large Carrying Case from Delfonics is a roomy pouch that can be used to hold a 13-inch laptop, a portfolio of documents and other work essentials. But wait; there’s more! You can wear this bright bundle as a clutch. With hues like orange (pictured), dark blue and mint, this carrying case can be worked into just about any look. Can’t wait to wrap my paws around this clutch! (

3. Look at the penguins! They’re tiny and fun. Like little tuxedoed men about town. This Conversationalist Buttondown by Maeve is certainly a conversation starter, and would add the right amount of oomph layered under your staple winter coat. (

4. Way to bring it with this Cheetah Print Dress, & Other Stories. Now this is a black and blue that I can fully condone! There are so many possibilities with this dashing dress — with or without the belt, avec ou sans culottes — all of which are lovely. (

5. New on my radar is Shabby Apple, a purveyor of elegant dresses for all occasions. Take for instance this Nutcracker Dress in black, which is giving me serious “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” vibes but also would kill at a gala or anniversary dinner. There’s nothing shabby about this chic piece. (

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Fancy Things Friday

February 20, 2015

photo (30)

1. File these Swift Flats under “cute and unusual.” These Free People exclusive sling-backs include elastic detailing woven with leather, and are the epitome of a beach bummy/beach bunny sandal. (

2. Tassel up, girls! This Leather Zip Round Cross Body Bag is just what we need to contain all that we need to face the day. (

3. Legend has it that & Other Stories designers couldn’t reach a consensus on the color options for the Wrap-Design Dress, so they chose both blue and black. … I kid! I kid! The two tones found in this wrap dress make for an elegant but eccentric look, appropriate for a day-to-night transition. Get ready for a healthy dose of double-takes with this one, sisters! (

4. I have to hand it to Forever 21. This new batch of apparel, including this Tulip-Front Maxi Skirt, is everything! (

5. Now, I normally don’t list prices in these posts. But let’s just say that this super cute, super fancy Lace Dress With Waist Seam has been reduced to the dollar amount that Macklemore purports to having in his pocket. The blueish hue and lace overlay just scream, “I am royalty. Curtsey when you enter into my presence.” (